Friday, March 13, 2009

A nice quiet and relaxing weekend with Dad - not!

Last week Simon had an actioned packed weekend with the kids. He had just started holidays and I think that he must have been full of energy to get out and do things with the kids.
Am I really going up there Dad?

Saturday morning he took them rock climbing at the Gorge, along the Zag Zag track near the Penny Royal. I was a bit apprehensive that they could fall and hurt themselves, but Simon reassured me that they would be fine. Simon had bought them a kids rock climbing harness and then was able to use some of his search and rescue gear.

Simon said that Hallie, being the little monkey that she is had no problems scaling the rocks and only got a little worried when she had to come back down and realised how high she had climbed. I think that Simon was quite surprised that Sarra climbed almost as high as she is normally one to not do anything scary.

He then took them and their motor bike to the Wheelers for the afternoon as we were having a family birthday tea there for Oliver. They have a nice bit of open space for the kids to ride and plenty of gravel for Hallie and Oliver to practice their donuts and skids on, much to my disapproval.

On Monday they went ski biscuiting with Chris and his new boat.
They all had a turn and I was quire surprised that Sarra actually had a turn. She is very safety conscious and Simon said that before each turn she made sure that she gave strict instructions to Chris on how fast he was allowed to go.

Simon is certainly the fun one in the family.


Biggest Sis said...

HAHA, lucky there is one 'adventurous' adult in the family, certainly makes for an interesting life....
P.S Lucky we have Chris too ;)

Paige said...

That looks so fun! I can't wait 'til summer comes here!!! ;)

Penny B. said...

I remember rock climbing in the same spot one time - but I was a lot older!! Looks like they had a great time!

The Kings said...

Oh wow - he was game taking the kids! They did great to do that.