Monday, March 16, 2009

Beauty at Bicheno

On Friday at 12.30, Kit, Mel and I headed off to Bicheno for the night to stay at the Porter's shack. This is our third yr working in RS together and we worked out that we had never hung out, all of us together, outside of our church callings, so a girls night out was called for.

It took about 2.5hrs to get there and it was worth it, to smell the fresh salt air and hear the waves on the beach. The Porter's shack is just over the road and up a little from the beach and you can see and hear the waves from their house.

We sat out on the front veranda and relaxed and closed our eyes in the sun. Jonty was content to sit with us and Tyren had a little explore around the garden. We had worked out to do a meal each before coming and with Kit and Mel fantastic cooks, I knew I was in for a treat.

The view from the front of the Porter's shack

chillin on the veranda
For tea Kit made these yummy chicken pies with french potatoes and salad accompanied by sparkling non-alcoholic wine.

For dessert we had toblerone mousse - oh it was to die for.

We stayed up talking until 12.45am. Bad move for me and Mel with both boys keeping us up during the night. Ty was coming down with the flu and poor Mel was having to battle that, nurse her own cold as well as her morning sickness. The only way she felt better was by eating more - hey fine by me - was happy to keep her company in that respect.

Jonty decided having me in the bed was too much fun and decided that milk on tap was a real treat. He normally sleeps through the night (10-11hrs -spoilt I know) so it was a rude shock.

For breaky Mel made pancakes which we drizzled with maple syrup, juice, fresh fruit, yoghurt and hot cross buns. Poor Kit was not used to all that food and couldn't believe how much we could throw back.

After breaky we went for a walk down to the beach. It was blowing a gale which was a pity but the scenery was still beautiful and it was calming to just sit and watch the waves roll in and crash on the shore.

For lunch I made salad rolls with a choice of 4 different meats and jarslburg cheese, radish and alfalfa sprouts and the usual salad you put in a roll. I have noticed this post is alot about food but you tend to get hungrier by the beach and on holiday - don't you?

We headed back to Delcity around 2.30 and stopped in Campbelltown for a hot choccie. It poured all the way home and it was great to see the east coast finally get some rain. Thankyou Kit for a wonderful relaxing mini-holiday. I hope we didn't wear you out too much!


The Kings said...

Oh wow - that is great you girls got away for the weekend and Mel is pregnant!!!???? Awesome!

Nettie's Blog said...

goota be the best place ever to relax and unwind...i just adore the beach in any weather and Bicheno has the best beaches to explore for shells or just to relax on a walk.

Anonymous said...

Too bad if that was suposed to be a secret Simone!! :P
Sounds like a fun bonding experience....worth it just for the food alone!

Anonymous said...

Yes the food sounds so good! I can't believe you are in year 3 of RS that has gone so fast!

Collette said...

haha as long as the FOOD is organised everything is okay!!