Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy birthday Em and Kyle

Last night we went to the Wheeler's to celebrate Emily's 12th and Kyle's 24th birthdays. Jess and Kyle announced their engagement last week and that they are getting married on June 6 so now poor Kyle is stuck with us. Mum had gone out and impressed him with a pressie from Just Jeans, a really cool shirt. Thankgoodness it wasn't Glasser and Parker. Obviously Kyle is going to be the cool son-in-law.

We had a great night and as usual Noel and Margaret impressed us with a grandeose birthday cake for Em.

Now that I have made my feeble attempt at Robert the Robot birthday cake for Oliver. (You can check out my monster cake here), I could appreciate the work that went into the cake. And it was very yummy.

I asked Jess to take some photos of the party. This is what I got. Figures!

No she did also take some of the birthday girl, cake and guests but....... mostly of Kyle.

At 8.30 we dutifully turned out all the lights for Earth Hour and sat there chatting in the dark. Rohan was our Earth Hour police and made sure all the lights were off and then he disappeared, only to be found watching the footy on tv downstairs.

Later in the night Jayme styled Oliver's hair so he looked like a rockstar and then Oliver spent the rest of the night playing Guitar Hero by himself. It was scary how good he was at it and was nodding his head in time to the beat. He was very serious and concentrating really hard so he could press the buttons at the right spots on the screen. He was also sporting the mandatory Fanta moustache that is a MUST for all kids at b'day parties.

This was how his feet were when he was really getting into the Guitar Hero groove. Imagine if we stood like that for a long time. A ballerina in the making!!

These were two gorgeous photos that Jess took of little Jonty Monty.

All in all it was a good night had by all and we slowly dragged ourselves home around 11pm, ready to face today with grumpy tired kids and and a husband in the middle of an 8 day straight night-shift, so 5 grumpy kids in the house. :)


The Kings said...

I can see Kyle is going to fit in with the family really well! :)

Collette said...

did mum really pick that shirt?? yeah right! i miss you guys...wish i could've been there!! can't wait till EASTER!!