Thursday, July 28, 2011

For breakfast.

As parents we are always pushing and promoting healthy food options, telling our kids that water is better than cordial, fresh fruit is better than fruit juices, having an apple after school is better than diving into a box of shapes. Many a conversation with other parents is about getting kids to eat more vegetables and swapping recipes of healthy food that tastes yummy and inviting for the kids.

Sometimes however, it is great to just let all that go out the window and have some FUN, like playing in the rain at the bike centre. Its good to just let kids be kids. To let them get dirty and play outside with no shoes on and bury themselves in the sandpit (and worry about traipsing sand though the house later), and ride around on their scooters in winter until it is nearly dark. (they do have jumpers and beanies on). :)

So when Sarra and Simon brought Krispey Kremes back from Melbourne at 9.30 last night, what else could we do but let the kids have doughnuts for breakfast!!!!

Oh to be a kid again and not count the calories!!! ;)

Friday, July 15, 2011

We have a new trady

Yesterday we had a new pet, today we have a new trady in the family. He should be a good help when we build our own home one day, especially as tradesmen can be quite expensive.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

We have a new pet

He's been wormed, groomed and is nearly toilet-trained. Will eat anything but is known to sneak into cupboards looking for biscuits so might need to keep food up high. Sleeps in own bed all night long. Favourite toy is his blankie. A delight for any household I'm sure. Cost-priceless.

Bingo - I've been caught slurping in the cat bowl........ so I will just smile cutely.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All Tasmanian Cross-Country

Symmons Plains - 7 degrees - wind chill factor off the chart - a whole heap of primary school kids from all round Tasmania (according to the man on the microphone 1500 of the little tykes) - competing against each other in a 3km cross country.

But not all at once. They were put into age groups, about 200 in each race and then in shorts and t-shirt (brrr), off they ran!!

( our group of girls)

Sarra and Matilda were in the under 11s. Matilda came 122nd.

Sarra came 133rd. I didn't get the other girls as I was feeding Flynn in the nice warm car.

Check out the mud on the back of her legs.

And over the finish line.

And who did we run into but a certain teacher from Scottsdale Primary (hi Mum)

Jonty was more interested in playing in the trees, rather than staying in his seat.

And Flynn was a hit with the girls.

It was so bitterly cold but so worth it to see the proud look on Sarra's face as she heard me cheer her on as she ran past. These moments are priceless and when we look back, I won't remember how cold it was or how Jonty kept running to climb the trees or how when I was trying to take a photo Flynn was screaming in the pram and a random lady came up and rocked the pram for me and how I scurried back to the car to quickly feed him before Sarra's race.

All I will remember was that I was THERE, being part of an important event in my daughter's life. And I think that it was worth all the effort because sometimes as the oldest child, I place a lot of responsibility on her to help out and she sacrifices things for the younger kids and so it was good to shine the spotlight on her for a time.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

*3 months*

The saying that time flies is so true. I can't believe this little man is now three months old today.

I took some photos of Flynn today in the same onesie singlet Jonty was in at the same age, playing with the same play mat.

And Jonty (I remember this day was 39 deg outside).

Here is Flynn in his chair today -hating someone not holding him as usual.

Here is Jonty - same chair, same outfit, same age.

And I tried to find a photo of Oliver at 3 mths and could only find some of his blessing when he was 3mths and 2 days old. Weird photo - the girl's hair looks ultra yellow.

Happy 3 months Flynny Minnie

Monday, July 11, 2011

What to do.........

On a student-free day.................

Maybe make some cupcakes.

Before Sarra started I decided that I would not interfere at all and would let her have full reign of the kitchen and that I would not stress over the mess.

The best part of any cooking.........

But there wasn't much mess as Sarra washed up afterwards and put all the ingredients away. Maybe she can start cooking tea next!

Jonty came running in from outside as soon as he heard the 'tuptakes' were ready.

She did a really good job and with only one 'oopsie' of using icing sugar instead of self raising flour, they turned out really well and nice and yummy.