Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The blog post we didn't need to write.

On Saturday we attended a community rally at our school along with over 500 other people who all supported our fight to keep Westbury PS open. I was going to do a blog post on the rally and how we would continue to fight but then last night along with the rest of Tasmania we heard on the news that the state government was no longer closing any of the twenty schools earmarked for possible closure in a bid to save $24 million in budget shortfalls.

I thought the whole community should have taken to the streets, dancing and singing with streamers falling from the windows of two storey houses.........wait that was the end of WW II.

But it definitely signified the end of something. The end of a lot of stress and uncertainty for many of the school community and wider local community!!

But part of me (just a small part) wants to thank Nick McKim - I know crazy right??

I have always loved our school but it took nearly losing it to really appreciate all that it offers and all that it has done for my kids. It took nearly losing it, to realise that I felt very strongly about our school and I was ready to help fight to keep it open.

It took nearly losing our school to realise that I didn't want my kids to lose the friends they have made over the years, not to mention the friends I have made with their Mums. (one of which helped deliver both Jonty and Flynn)

It took nearly losing our school for me to realise that we have some amazing parents leading our school in our School Association, chaired by Martin Webster and supported by our Parents and Friends who stepped up and sacrificed their all to make sure our school was going to stand up and be counted.

Our School Association chairperson, Martin Webster with a few pollies who spoke at our rally.

Martin and Dick Adams

Martin and Michael Polley

Martin and Greg Hall

Martin and Michael Ferguson

Jenni Rixon (our kinder aide) cooking some scrumptious snags at the rally
It took nearly losing our school to realise how much I appreciate the principal and teachers of our school, a school that wouldn't be what it is without their commitment and dedication.

at our kinder teacher's wedding (now Mrs Neal) last year

Mrs Dadson (Sarra's teacher) and Mrs Walker(Ollie's teacher)

our amazing principal Mrs Hay
So for that I thank you Nick McKim - you have unified our school and community and made us stronger and more passionate and dedicated to the education of our children here at Westbury PS.

For everything else I don't thank you quite as much. And neither does Jonty it seems - having a snooze at the community rally.

I would finally like to thank all my friends, including the ones overseas, who showed their support for me and my family by 'liking' the Save Westbury PS FB page.

And so now these two munchkins...

now have the opportunity to have the same great future as these other three munchkins.

Woohoo, power to the people!!! :)
(Jonty's bright apple green pram in the RH corner)

The Sunday Examiner - 3.7.11

That is all.


Launceston Weeden Family said...

Good to hear your school is safe! Just hope that you don't have to go through it again and that they can closing schools altogether and not just postpone the closing.

The Kings said...

What an awesome result. I'm so glad that the government finally came to their senses and realised that children and families are more important than saving money.

Nettie's Blog said...

GREAT JOB ...i cannot imagine waht that would have done to the community of Westbury.....so glad that adversity is a pro active word....in this case anyway..

Debbie said...

Well in my opinion nick mckim was set up. It wasn't really about closing schools, it was about making him less popular. Well done anyway. We went through it 30yrs ago at Glen Huon and the school is still educating kids so it was worth it. Not sure how much longer it will be there now though. I think all the smaller schools will be battling to stay alive. One minute they are sprouting about broadband being a boon to remote areas, and the next they are shutting them down. They should be sending the city kids to the country to get a real education. (better get off the soapbox) yas done good.

booqiboutique said...

waaa I want Bastian to go to Westbury too.... or Hagley farm school, because they have a farm.

Anonymous said...

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