Tuesday, July 12, 2011

*3 months*

The saying that time flies is so true. I can't believe this little man is now three months old today.

I took some photos of Flynn today in the same onesie singlet Jonty was in at the same age, playing with the same play mat.

And Jonty (I remember this day was 39 deg outside).

Here is Flynn in his chair today -hating someone not holding him as usual.

Here is Jonty - same chair, same outfit, same age.

And I tried to find a photo of Oliver at 3 mths and could only find some of his blessing when he was 3mths and 2 days old. Weird photo - the girl's hair looks ultra yellow.

Happy 3 months Flynny Minnie


The Kings said...

He is so cute- I love his hat!! 3 months hey - must be time to come back to the gym :)

Rebecca said...

sao cute -0 how cute are yoiur babies - you can see what a content little baby jonty was!!! love his beanie!!

make it perfect said...

aaaw...cutest kid ever! cool pics comparing him and jonty :)

Anonymous said...

You own little Michelin man. Wow, he just gets cuter. Like the rest, I love his beanie. Wherdidyagetit?
Love Lorraine.

Nettie's Blog said...

oh i got confused there for a bit with who was who.... how i love recycling..saves so much money...especially clothes... Flynn is a little darling Simone

Penny B. said...

Sooo.. adorable! I love that hat. And Sarra's cupcakes look delicious!

Clares Place said...

Love his hat too! He is too cute (as are all your kids)!

Sorry you couldn't get my button! I'm not sure why the link isn't working. I will try and fix it today but I suggest saving the image and making a link to my blog that way until I fix it. So sorry!

Makayla said...

oh man, he is super cute in that hat!!