Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's all about family.............

I was just going to do a post and say go, here, here, here , here, here, here , here, here and here to read such special tributes and loving tender words for a father, grandfather and great-grandfather. You see because he was Simon's Pop, he wasn't my Pop, or was he??

I don't have the privilege of sharing in wonderful childhood memories of a man who had the highest of work ethics, who worked marvels with God's land, a man who also tended to God's other vineyard, loving and embracing everyone, no matter their walk of life.

I have no memory of a Pop who would take his grandkids on the back of the ute with the dog down to the river, where he would work tirelessly while they were able to explore and play in the river. (Simon's favourite memory)

But I had the privilege of sharing in his twilight years when we moved to Westbury five years ago, seeing him every Sunday and more often when him and Nan moved into Deloraine from the farm.

I have the memory of him standing at the church door every Sunday, greeting everyone as they entered with a quick peck on the cheek and a "how's it going love?" Of popping in to visit them as they sat in their twin blue chairs and sunned themselves out the back in the sunroom, where he would take Simon out to show him the veggie patch. Of him being able to participate in the blessings of each of our children and the kids shly shaking his hand each week.

And of being at the nursing home to say goodbye and walking out of the room, not realising that some minutes later, that is exactly what he would do, slip quietly away. My last tender memory is of walking back in the room, after his passing, and after his dear wife of 66 years, had shared some precious alone time with him and standing quietly with the kids, just our little family, while Simon shared a sweet family prayer for his dear Pop, our Pop.

For that he is my Pop too, a kind of surrogate one for the grandfathers that I had who died when I was a young girl, who as I dwell on the wonderful man of Henry Leo, find that I miss my own two Pops and hope that in time, Harry will introduce himself to them as my 'third Pop' and the wonderful work he did on earth will continue forever and ever.

This one made me smile, Lisa multi-tasking - taking a photo with one hand and making sure Kobe didn't fall down into the hole with the other.

I was going to do a separate post about the family reunion held today but I know it is something Pop would love to see, that after the rain, especially on the land, always comes the rays of sun and that was what today was about, coming together as one big family and enjoying each other's company in the house that was once, Nan and Pop's.
I know he would be happy looking down on his 6 kids, 29 grandkids and 58 great-grandkids and so for that reason, I have made this post, as one.

Oscar practicing to be the next Roger Federer.

Never a BBQ without some cricket.

These guys were the only ones organised enough for a family photo.

Uncle Kim getting in on the water fight.

Jarom on the tractor.
And then on the trampoline.

Uncle Kim then brought out the big guns, the blower vac. The kids went a screaming.

Right at the end, I missed taking photos of Lisa being dragged by Lorraine and Aaron toward the hose while Hallie, with the hugest mischievous grin, soaked her with water. You wait til YW Hallie, Lisa will be out for revenge. :)


Anonymous said...

It was really nice to see your photos and to read what you said about Pop.
Like you, he wasn't my father, but he became my father, like he became your Pop.
Yesterday was a bitter/sweet day for all of us, so it was good that we could get together as a family, and catch up with everyone, and the kids could all run around and just be kids and have fun, as well as the adults.
Thanks for the blog.
Love Lorraine.

The Kings said...

Beautiful post Simone. It has got me crying - again!
You took some sneaky photos today - didn't even notice you taking the one of me walking along! I'm cracking up at the photo of me at the graveside! I wanted to take photos as there were so many nice things going on but didn't want Kobe to fall in the hole either!

The Kings said...

Oh - and two more things - actually three...
first of all - if I am still in YW when Hallie comes up I will be very surprised.
second of all - IF I am still i YW when Hallie comes up she had better look out!
third - I'm VERY glad you blogged instead of just posting links to everyone else's - just like I said today - it's all about YOUR thoughts on things and how you see it and it's nice for your kids to read back on later :)

Country/City Boy said...

Yeah you definitely had to blog about your feelings on the last few days, Pop wasn't just our grandfather, he was a grandfather to many people.

I'm going to link your post to his memory page if you don't mind

Nettie's Blog said...

Yes a very special family Simone...Thank you for sharing such intimate and thoughts from the heart on your blog... red and swollen eyes now..
i would have loved to know my grand pop too.. thank goodness the church has pops like that to share...

make it perfect said...

oh...that made me cry all over again!
such beautiful words simone.
what a wonderful family we have

Penny B. said...

Very sweet blog Simone, a really nice tribute to Pop. You made me get all teary again.

Anonymous said...

Simone I knew you had it in you!! Your perspective is just perfect too and I'm so glad you shared it. Now, I'm crying too you silly billy. Love you mate.

Carli xxxx

Makayla said...

Simone, thanks so much for this post. You're words were beautiful. You have me crying again! Thank you so much for sharing it all. <3 xxx

The Kings said...

now we are just waiting for Toni and carli's versions! :)