Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Glimpses of the Binghams

Over the 5weeks that the Binghams were here visiting from the States during Dec and Jan, we had many opportunities to create some wonderful memories.

Here are just a few.....................

The last week that the Binghams were here, we had one last play together at the bike centre with the Kings, Rowlings and Horsmans. Penny and Jacquie used to live together in Melbourne when they were both single and Lisa and Penny grew up together.

I like this one infront of the old hut because it looks just like an old Australian bushman's hut.

Lisa took some awesome shots of these guys. I stood right next to her and have the exact same camera and still they don't look the same. :)

Jared on BBQ duty.

Jakob was a great help, entertaining his younger cousins.

I love this one of Jac with her feet propped up on the eski. What is she saying here? The fish I caught was .........this big??

After Christmas from the 27th to the 3rd of January we spent a week at Bridport with Penny and Chris and the kids at Collette's house, soaking up the gorgeous weather and spending many hours on the beach.

These are some of my favourite pics. Elliott and Jonty getting to know each other and Jonty deciding he very much liked Elliott's dummy.

More action at the beach with Owen getting the hang of the boogey board and concentrating very hard I might add.......with his tongue out.

Resident pro surfer.

Sarra caught up with her bestie Naomi.

This is nice with the old pier in the background.

On one of the nights we sat up talking in the dark after the kids went to bed. We didn't have the heart to turn the light on because this is what greeted us outside the big lounge window.

Getting together on Christmas Day. It was great to have everyone together and also to see Jason again and meet his Finnish girlfriend, Kaisa. (Jonty missing as asleep in bed)

Chayne and Margaret with their 5 kids, Dion, Tammy, Penny, Simon and Jason.

Opening presents... bedlam time.

Pop looks a bit swamped.

All the girl cousins.

Savannah, Piper, Hallie, Lilly, Ella, Paige, Aneika, Katie and Sarra.

In December we went to the Punchbowl for a BBQ with the Rowlings.

Chilling out in the hammock at our house.

On the 8th of January, Penny and Chris left to go home to Georgia. There were some frantic moments with the luggage, but they made it home safe and sound. From the first day, our kids had a ball catching up with Sam, Ella, Owen and Elliott and have already asked when their cousins are coming over again.

Wish we had a Harry Potter wand.


Paige said...

looks like a wonderful way to spend the holidays...I love the pic with all the kids head-to-head.

The Kings said...

Oh Simone you crack me up!! I think your photos are great. Love Jonty with the dummy and the shot of the moon. So nice you could spend so much time with them while they were here.

Makayla said...

Pictures of Jonty with the dummy are sooo cute!

Penny B. said...

Hey Simone - I was just about to blog our time in Bridport and was planning to use the some of the same pics! I guess they must be off your camera and not mine. No wonder they look so good! I just loves those ones of Jonty and Elliott together