Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Collettie's BBQ birthday

Yesterday at 12.36pm, 27yrs ago, a child was born................Collette Louise Gibson.

Yesterday, 27yrs later at 6.30pm, after an afternoon of water sports on the Trevallyn Dam, a BBQ was had to celebrate this momentous occasion!!

The traditional pass-the-parcel was held.

Jack won a waltz with Collette.

James won an arm wrestle with Collette.

Oliver won to mow Collette's lawn. :)

Danny once again the winner, Danny once again winning a date with Collette. The last two pass-the-parcels on Collette's birthday, Danny won a date with her. Third time lucky Danny. ;)

The cake had 27 candles on it which took quite awhile to light.

The food was yummo.

And Jess came down to surprise Collette on her birthday.

The traditional, clap hands for the number of years you are. Collette is really getting into it.

Happy birthday Collette.


Nettie's Blog said...

What a great night we all had when all that smoke cleared...he he...and now i am nursing burns on the ends of three fingers trying to help light all those 27 candles...perhaps a bigger cake is in order next year so we can fit the extra candle and have space to light them without danger to life and limb...just joking....we do love ya Collette...XXXXXXXXX

The Kings said...

Look at all that smoke!!!

Collette said...

the clapping pic is my fav! clearly the best part of the night (the clapping)...Thanks sim-one:)