Sunday, April 26, 2009

Marching at Deloraine

Yesterday morning we headed off to Deloraine to attend the Anzac Day parade. This year was a special year for Sarra as my Dad offered for her to wear my Pop's medals in the parade. My Pop, served in WWII in the navy aboard the HMAS Napier. He was a Rat of Tobruk and served throughout the Mediterranean.

Pop kept a diary and it has now been published. It includes letters he wrote home to his sweetheart, my Nanna and the feelings he had as he entered battle after weary battle. Nanna was pregnant with her first child when Pop left. My Aunty Maureen was 2 when he returned. Pop was a little older than the rest of the boys, being 25yrs old so he was seen as a bit of a mentor.

His job was that of a gunner, to sit astride those big guns on the top of the destroyer and fire away at the enemy. From his diary, "As the sun sunk on the beautiful Meditteranean sea, the enemy planes came in from all directions. Tons of bombs rained down on our ships. A fellow hardly knew if he was coming or going. There were planes and bombs everywhere. If there's a hell, this is it". On the ship, when the days were quiet away from enemy fire, Pop's job was the ship's butcher. I smile at that. I can imagine him giving his all to both jobs.

Another special part of the day was that Sarra got to march next to Pop Triffitt. Pop also served in WWII and was shot in the stomach in Papua New Guinea, lying in a ditch for hours before being rescued.

Oh how privileged we are to have this legacy in our families. My Pop died when I was young(about 10yrs), before I really appreciated what he did for me and I can't wait to see him again, to throw my arms around him and say, "thankyou Pop".


Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly Simone.
That was a lovely read, and the photos were great.
Love Lorraine.

The Kings said...

They were so cute walking next to Pop. They did a great job.

Wheeler Team said...

That post brought a tear to my eye.....very well written!

Anonymous said...

So good to see Sarra wearing her pops medals. Wonderful pictures and memories.

annonymous 2