Monday, April 20, 2009

A baptism at Burnie

Yesterday we went to Burnie for Piper Triffitt's baptism. She turned 8 on April 16. It was a lovely day, beautiful weather and a perfect day for a baptism.

Josh is 17 this year and is attending year 11 at Hellyer College. Allister is 15 this year and is in year 9 at Burnie High. They are getting taller than Dion!! I can't imagine Oliver and Jonty that old but soon enough they will be. I wonder if Oliver will still have his crop of blonde curls. If he does, he will hate but his mother will love it.

Paige will be 12 soon and she did such a great job at the baptism, choristering and saying the closing prayer.

After the baptism, we headed back to Kay and Dion's for lunch along with Kay's parents, David and Judy Thomasson and her sister Christine with her husband Paul. They had all travelled from Glen Huon the previous day and told me that it took about 5hrs to get to Burnie. Yikes!

Everyone is growing older so quickly. I have noticed lately that family get-togethers with the Triffitts are alot quieter, (although Poppy might not think so), maybe not quieter with the buzz of conversation but there seems to be more teenagers than toddlers now and the majority of the kids can get their own food and look after themselves without getting into mischief. They can even take themselves off to the toilet. ;)

Although in this photo I don't know what the deal is with Allister and Josh holding the toys.... kids still at heart maybe!!

Savannah and Oliver playing in the cubby house.
Gone are the days of sitting the kids all around a table and getting their plates of food for them and keeping an eye on them continually. Now even though I still have young ones, the older ones keep an eye on them and play with them. It's great!

Penny and Chris are coming over from Augusta for Christmas this year with their children. Sam will be 5, Ella, 4, Owen, 2 and the baby(now 6 days OVERDUE) will be 8mths so it will be fun to have little ones around again.


Collette said...

WOWZERS! time flies! They all look great!

Wheeler Team said...

Jay and I laughed at the photo with the boys and their toys, it makes me feel old as I can remember when Dion showed us Josh as a baby and asked us when we were having our first one!

Anonymous said...

Great reporting we enjoy knowing whats going on.