Saturday, April 18, 2009

I vant your blood (insert evil laugh)

On Wednesday a few of the Delcity RS sisters headed into L'ton to give blood at the Australian Red Cross centre. Seeing as this year is the Year of the Blood Donor, we thought it would be a good idea. We asked the Laurels to come, well bribed them by telling them about the free milkshake and biscuits you get afterwards.

We arrived at about 11am with 5 of us game to let go of our precious blood, eager to know that by doing so, we could be saving 3 people's lives.

Bek Bradbury and Sue Brown filling out the mountains of paperwork
Alas on arrival our intrepid organiser of the day (mwah), was told that as I was breastfeeding, I could not be bled. What!! Nothing wrong with the old haemoglobin but apparently it takes too much out of b feeding Mums so they don't allow it. I was quite prepared to be 'tired' for a few hrs afterwards to 'save 3 lives' but they were quite firm.

Okay 1 down, 4 left. But no, next person knocked out was Katherine. The head of neurology at the LGH dealing with her migraines didn't like the idea of her giving blood.

Heck now we were down to 3. Sue Brown , Jasmine Robins and Rebekah Bradbury. Bek and Sue were called up first. I was so proud of Bek as this was her first time and she was a little nervous. But once again we lucked out - apparently Bek's veins were too small and they could not draw any blood.

Okay now we were down to 2. Surely these guys could pull us through...... and they did with flying colours. It was Jasmine's first time too and she loved it. She did an awesome job. Sue and Jasmine saved the day and possibly some lives. Good on ya guys.


The Kings said...

I can't believe you thought you could give blood! Silly girl!! :D
Glad two of them got to. I have wanted to give blood, but am not allowed to for twelve months because I was so wiped out end of last year. Nothing like a free milkshake and bickie, and sometimes they even have lollies!

Anonymous said...

What a laugh.
I didn't put my hand up, because they won't take it because I have C.F.S.
Once they rang me up, because I was a match for some bone marrow.
I begged them to let me do it, but they are so strict.
Love Lorraine.

Paige said...

Over here they now will let you donate while nursing. That's actually the only time I've done it. When I started to pass out (I get queezy easy) my milk started leaking everywhere. Just a wee bit embarrassing!