Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Flynn turns 4

On the 12th of April, our little munchkin turned 4
years old. He was very excited for his birthday as he always patiently sits through everyone else's day and now finally it was his turn.

Flynn loves Octonauts so was very happy to get some more of those that he loves to carry around everywhere.

Nan bought him some clothes from the USA and Oma gave Flynn some lovely colouring books and books that he LOVES to read each night.

(modelling shirt and trousers from Nan and sporting a vegemite face as always)

And he loved his scooter. Hallie, Oliver and Jonty each have one that they ride to school each day while we walk behind them and so to have his own now and be just like his sister and brothers was very exciting for Flynny.

Flynn wanted an Octonauts cake but then changed his mind to an octopus so we kind of ended up with a variation of the two and the result was hilarious. I hope my kids know that even though I am the worst cake maker - I still have a go at whatever they want as I love them and that's what Mums do -even if they suck at it! lol.

Oh and of course as per tradition, birthday person gets to pick what they want for tea. Yes this is not a joke - he had vegemite and butter on plain rice. And for dessert - vegemite on ice-cream!! 

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The Kings said...

Haha!!! Love it! Vegemite for tea! So funny! Love the cake - it looks massive!