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missionaryMum.11 (March 15)

Finally winter is over and Mum has moved into Spring! I love this photo out on the deck of her apartment. No more snow… for the moment!!

 This month Mum went to visit Deseret Industries on Welfare Square.

The sister missionary tour guides that showed Mum and SIster Snowden around Welfare Square, one from the Czech Republic and the other from Sweden.

Quality Control office

This is a sample of the many products the cannaries make. 

The day Mum went, they were bottling honey.

Forty thousand loaves are made each day in the bakery and sent out to assist disadvantaged people in the southern States.

Making milk

Food storage items on display. These are just samples of what you can buy.

An explanation of the type of food that is shipped to Ethiopia to help people suffering from famine.

The big warehouse which stores all the food.

Special dry pack products.

The church especially designed this for children in third world countries. Apparently tastes like porridge and is something nutritious that their little tummies can handle after not being used to eating much.

This is where all the donated clothes that come in are sorted.

The car park… just noting how nice and wide their parking spaces are.

Samples of the food storage you can buy.

There is a section where people can go and get food for free.

These are the silos storing grains.

Hi Everyone,

Did I tell you Sister Barwick had a fall? She broke a tooth, $1000 to get it fixed,It is the second
$1000 she has had to spend at the dentist. Her face was all bruised and scraped but no bones broken. We had a lovely farewell dinner for Elder and Sister Moulton, they love near the Lifferths! who were Mission president in Melbourne a few years ago.
They gave us all a copy of the book The Power of Everyday Missionaries. They were lovely people and we shall miss them.
Monday Elder and Sister Seiter started in our team. They are from Colorado and this is their fifth mission. Twice to the Congo, Indonesia and twice to Salt lake. They are lovely people and will fit in nicely.
I finished my family tree class on Tuesday after seven weeks, I really discovered I know a lot more about tree than I thought.
Sister Coleman drove off into the sunset.....or snow!!! On Thursday morning. She drove to Las Vegas where she will stay with her daughter for a while and then go on to New Mexico where her daughter and son in law live. He is the one with MS going into a trial programme in Chicago. She will stay in their house while they are backward and forward over the next six months of the trial.
Thursday night my Home teachers came! the message is the first Presidency message in March ensign.,it is a beautiful message.
Also had a hair cut, the hairdresser comes to the apartments.
Friday night we finished the week meeting Sister Hill in her tea hour, we went to JB's which is next door to the FHL in the Plaza hotel.
This week there was a big conference in town....ACDA, American Choral Directors Association National conference. There were people from all,over the world at it. So the City was quite busy.
Saturday we went shopping and then had lunch at Chillis, it is Mexican. I really like it.
Saturday night was a real treat, the finale of the ACDA Conference was a concert in the conference centre. Guest artists Santino Fontana and Sylvia McNair. She had a beautiful voice and he is becoming quite a regular. The tabernacle Choir and the US Air Force Singing Sergeants, and the honour choirs also sang. It was quite an amazing night. Imagine all those artists plus 21,000 people singing Amazing Grace together, goose bumpy!!!
Today Music and The Spoken Word was also very special. Guests were the King's Singers from the UK. Six men. They sang three extra songs after the broadcast finished,the last one was Danny Boy. 
Last week when I talked about photos I meant for you all to look to see what you have which Will fit into my personal history.
Happy birthday for this week Oliver, hope you have a lovely day. I will look forward to some photos. The year has certainly gone quickly, this time last year We had flown home to Derek's funeral, I had flown to Melbourne for my visa and Collette was having her wisdom teeth out!!!
Nora was getting ready to come to earth. The M and TSW message today is a good one, and so true, he was talking about his own son and afterwards he introduced the woman who taught him. Music is so good for the soul and comforts and soothes us as well as lifting our spirits.
Music has been very special to the Saints right through history, we are fortunate.
We had snow on Thursday but it didn't lay so although it is a bit nippy the weather is still lovely.
Have a good week, take care love Mum/Nan

Mum revisited her favourite temple - The Jordan River temple.


Sister Hill, Snowden, Mum and Sister Frost.

Then onto tea at Mimi's Cafe.

scary elk...

And the view on the roads on the way home from Mimi's Cafe. 

The Capitol Building.

Mum has been having some wonderful experiences with our own Family History...

"Last Sunday I fasted for help with my FH, I felt stuck. Tuesday after work I went to the FHL. I spent about two hours going around in circles and getting frustrated. Then I thought I'm going to google that couple. Well I did and up came information with hundreds of names on it and right in the middle are my ancestors!!!! Wow!!
Great grandfather mainwaring died at age 26 of heart problems and hypertension so all our heart problems don't just come from the cox side! we don't really have much hope with all that history. His wife had an 11 months old child and was pregnant with her second!"

Now that it is Spring, the covers have come off the gardens and the flowers are taking off beautifully. The bulbs are planted in winter and covers placed over the top so the snow and cold does not kill them. Every time Mum posts photos of the gardens, I think that is the season I would like to visit, which means I would love to be there for each season as the gardens are always so impressive.

Mum's backyard.

Hail and Farewell this month was celebrating the Relief Society birthday, Family Home Evening (FHE) and 20 years of the Family Proclamation.

For their last day on the 3rd floor, the girls went out to the Blue Lemon for lunch. 

Sister Frost, Seiter, Petersen, Mum, Curtis and Williams.
They are all now on the 6th floor and Sister Seiter, Petersen and Williams work with Mum in Historical Records.

Mum enjoyed the chicken and mango mint salad… yummy!

Walks back to work after lunch and so much warmer already. It was 18 degrees that day.

Beautiful Spring views from the 26th floor of the Church Office Building (COB).

Great view of the Capitol Building.

Mum's apartments are the brown block building (white roof) to the front right of this photo below. In front of Mum's apartment block is the conference centre. You can see the grass and trees on the roof of it. Mum did a tour of the conference centre earlier in her mission.

A closer view of Mum's apartment block in the centre of the photo with the white roof and conference centre right there in the front with the roof at 6.5 acres wide.

Elder Perkin's last day - must have been one of Mum's favourites.

Temple Square in bloom.

Mum loves seeing musicals and other cultural events and this month she went to the Hale Theatre and saw Ghost the Musical.

And lunch at the Cracker Barrel afterward.

A nice message from the Music and Spoken Word from the 23rd of March.

Mum's new desk on the 6th floor of the JSMB. (on the RHS). (more pics of it next month when she has settled in more) As I mentioned in February's post, Mum has been training in a new area and here is a little more of what she said about it this month...

"Well another busy week with a headache every day with training. We are a CHQ (that stands for church headquarters) Historical records escalation team. There are 10 on the team at the moment. So we answer all the questions from Patrons and missionaries that are unable to be answered easily by others. We also have to make a case for fixing things. This is the hard part. Anything that is wrong with collections on the website, images etc. we have to investigate and verify and put a case together for fixing and send it to the engineers. Many of the problems already are known issues so we have to make sure they are new problems. Investigating is quite a nightmare because there are so many different ways to search. We are having training with one missionary, who has been doing it for four years, every Monday Wednesday and Friday morning. She is having trouble breaking it down to our level as she knows so much and is so used to it."

Mum's new views  from the 6th floor of the JSMB

They are renovating part of the JSMB. It will take approximately 3 years to complete.

More snippets of Mum's emails…

"Tuesday we had an amazing snow storm for half the day. Lucky we got to work in time and we were able to just watch out the window. By Wednesday afternoon the sun was out again and it has been beautiful ever since, two snow falls all winter.????

Thursday was a lovely day. The welfare square is amazing. It was a beautiful day as you can see from the photos and enjoyed by all.
We will certainly miss Sister hill when she goes in April.

Friday night was opera again! some Aaron Copland and then Beethoven's 5th 'Emperor'. This amazing young man was the pianist. He started playing at 18 months and gave his first major concert at 15. He was only 21 and played the whole 38 minutes without music. The orchestra were pretty good too. I would like to hear the TSO to compare.
Jessica sent me some chocolate and it has been so nice coming home each night and having some. It is strange being in a foreign country, you miss all the little everyday things that you take for granted at home. Thanks really enjoyed it.
Sister Snowden moved again the sunny side of the garden. She is now in the same building as me facing the sun too. She went into Sister Coleman's old apt. She didn't have to move out for a Week this time as there are so many empty apts. It is much lighter on this side and we get the sun most of the day.
After we helped her move across the green I went to swap meet and got my tree!! It fell,over today so I have had to lean it against the rail!
Daylight saving started last night, it only seems like yesterday that it finished.

Phil and Marilyn come on the 30th for three weeks. Heather Robinson is also coming for conference and then going touring South America on her own! Sister Barwick is okay now.
She has extended till September. Irene young from Queensland, has extended till May or June. Sister Hill tried to extend but they wouldn't let her as she had had so many sick days.
I used to have an old chocolate box with papers and pictures from magazine etc in it from school. I don't know what I did with it all Simone but one day when you are looking for my photos in the container you might keep,your eye out for them too????
I have started typing my personal history, if only I had known I would have gone and taken photos. I need photos of everyone as babies."

General Women's conference on Sunday the 29th of March.
Sister Seiter (holding Mum's hand) got the tickets. She works with Mum in Historical Records. Her daughter's mother-in-law is on the RS Board.

Sitting about 15 rows back.

I just had to finish with this little snippet from one of Mum's emails from March. It cracks me up so much…

One of the young Elders played a piano solo for intermediate music in Sacrament today, it was amazing especially as he can be a real pill!!!! He sits on the aisle over from me and passes wind all day!!! He is often hyper, I tell him to settle down!! Then he comes out with this beautiful music!

Happy Spring Mum!!

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Loved reading about your Mum's mission, it made me laugh and cry! I miss her quirky, caring personality at work but am trying to draw on her strength to share with everyone as they become swamped in the midst of reporting and managing classes. Hayley G