Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter 2015

Last weekend we had a lovely few days over Easter. Even though Simon and I both worked, we got to slip in some family time between shifts. When I got home from work on Saturday morning, Easter Bunny had been to visit and Jonty and Flynn were really excited to see the eggs all over the yard as we pulled in the driveway.

We ate lots over the weekend, starting with a great potluck dinner at the Websters on Thursday night. One of our favourite missionaries, Sister Adams (Katelyn) was visiting from the USA after finishing her mission last September and we were all very excited to catch up with her. She was at our house for Christmas breakfast 2013.

On Good Friday we had our traditional Easter breakfast with the missionaries, Elder Wilson and Elder Nicholson.

On Sunday I was asked to give a talk at church. I had completed it on Thursday and we were going to watch a movie on Saturday night while Simon was at work so I said to the kids I would just print out my talk and be right there.  When I went to print the talk, it was not there, It was like I had never written it. I spent an hour ranting over google and trying to retrieve word files from guest users on the Mac but then decided that I would just need to start again. By this time Hallie had shooed everyone to bed telling them that "Mum is really cross so don't go into the office". At 11.30 pm I finally finished my talk and then the printer decided it didn't want to work. It did in the end though and I went o bed very relieved.

On Sunday after church, my Dad came for a visit with my sister and her family but we spent so much time yakking out in the beautiful sun on the deck, noone took any photos. Dad left about 4 pm and then we had a nice sliver side roast for tea and a cheesecake for dessert, which was also to celebrate Emily's 18th birthday on the 30th of March. Simon was at work but was able to pop in for a bite to eat toward the end of the night. Looking at this pic, I know I really need to put something on the walls. :)

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