Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Westbury Show 2014

Every year we take the kids to the Westbury Show. I think we have been going nearly every November that we have lived here and next month we have been here 10 years.

Here is one of our very early photos at the show from 2005, I think. Sarra was and Hallie 3.

Hallie performed a few items in the school band and even though it was quite windy, they sounded great. (You can tell which music folder is Hallie's with the motorbikes on the front!) :)

After the band performed I let the kids pick a show bag each. Some of them are ridiculously expensive and what's inside is pretty well rubbish so they had a limited choice of what they could choose.

Hallie and Oliver went off with some of their friends for an hour or so while Jonty, Flynn and I walked around the animal nursery. It's why we love the Westbury SHow because even though it is way way smaller than other shows, the kids can walk around with their friends for a bit and I know where they are.

Will, Hallie and Jordan

It looks like Jonty is for sale!

There are only a few little rides at the show which I love because the budget isn't blown and the kids aren't constantly hassling me to go on every ride possible.

A well earned slushy was perfect for after the jumping castle which was 2 kids for $8 and no time limit. I think they stayed on for about 30 mins.

I love how the country Shows offer the same experiences as the city Shows, but just on a smaller scale and without all the crowds and queues.

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