Monday, November 17, 2014

I'm 6 now!

Last Tuesday Jonty celebrated his 6th birthday. We got him a scooter and a pair of roller blades. He was very excited to be able to ride his scooter to school every day. (we only live 9 houses away from the school).

They all look thrilled for an early morning photo.

I love that Jonty's birthday is on Remembrance Day and always chuckle that on this day 6 years ago my midwife joked about having a minute's silence at 11am. Jonty was born at 11.35am and I had started pushing at 10.45am. It would have been so awesome if he was born right on 11.00 but we weren't too far off. OLiver had made a poppy for Jonty which he proudly wore during our school's Remembrance Day ceremony.

I brought some cake along for his class to eat and he felt very special handing it around to all his classmates.

Jonty had requested a green garbage truck for his birthday so in the afternoon before Jonty came home from school, I decorated a sponge that Simon had made.

Jonty also requested pancakes for tea so that was easy to whip up before I went off to work.

It didn't take long for the cake to be demolished!!

 Jonty loved getting two videos from his cousins in America. He absolutely loves his cousin Elliott who is only two months younger. They live in Texas and we would really love to go and visit them.

We hope you had a very happy day for your 6th birthday Jonty!

10 things I love about Jonty……

1. his silky soft hair
2. he was my best sleeper as a baby
3. the way he mostly shares with Flynn
4. how excited he gets when he gets something right after a bit of practice
5. he loves all things green
6. he loves to clean things - "Mum I will make it sparkly for you".
7. he is happy to muck out the chook pen (see above)
8. he will equally play outside as much as inside
9. his cute sayings "Mum when are you going to grow another baby".
10. his big beautiful brown eyes. 

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