Thursday, November 6, 2014

Honey farm and a walk

Last week has been really cold and windy but on Monday, it was a beautiful Spring day and because it was a long weekend (recreation day public holiday) I had the day off work and by chance so did Simon until the afternoon. We organised to go to the Chudleigh Honey Farm with the Rowlings and Oma and Pop… if only for the ice-cream!!

We then headed up to Alum Cliffs. We had been there before but it is always such a beautiful walk and the view from the platform is amazing. And the kids are 2 years older so no-one whinged this time and instead they all practically ran the whole way.

Turtle - Shecky is a regular buddy.

Oma is pointing to a lizard… I look worried! Jonty looks nonplussed! Shecky sees dinner!!

This was right before random man told Hallie off for throwing small stones over the edge as it might hit someone below. If someone was below, I'm pretty sure they would be dead as there is no way in there!

My niece Aneika and her gorgeous baby, Leira.

When we got home, Simon went to work and we drove into Launceston for a little double birthday celebration for Lisa and Jonty whose birthdays are only 1 day apart in November.

We have no sister missionaries left in our ward but luckily my last favourite sister to leave from our ward is in Launceston and so we arranged to be at tea the same time at my sister's house. And I made her favourite chocolate ripple cake! We love you Sister Hatch.

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