Friday, October 4, 2013

School holiday visit to Toby (and Collette and Hayden)

On Tuesday Hallie and I set off to Hobart to visit the Bells. As per usual it was pouring with rain and very windy, especially once we hit the Midlands around Oatlands but we made it by cranking the tunes up and singing along... or making the words up if we didn't know them.

We had such a great time down there and the weather didn't dampen our spirits.
Hayden had told Collette that she just had to take us to Daci and Daci, this amazing bakery. It was SO good. I felt like I was in one of those chic Melbourne patisseries.

We took Toby to his first movie and he loved it. It was Turbo, about a super fast snail that entered the Indy 500 and I think he loved seeing all the cars and talking snails.

Hayden kept Hallie entertained on the arcade game he built earlier in the year. I think they were getting a bit competitive (or maybe just Hayden) ;)

And Collette got us hooked on a game called Monopoly Deal. Hallie and I just had to head to Big W and buy our own pack before heading home.

And even when Collette's friend Brodie dropped around we couldn't help but play another game.

We had such fun and I very much enjoyed not having to cook or change any nappies or wipe anyone's butt - except for Toby's but he is too cute to count. It was nice to sit and chat and not have to have anywhere to be, or to rush off to, or to be a taxi and have the kids somewhere at a certain time for an after school activity like during the school term. 


The Kings said...

first stop when we get to Hobart! Looks delicious! :)

melandpeter said...

We took Will to see 'Planes' the other day. I reckon he'd like Turbo as well. I wasn't game enough to take Henry as I thought it might be a bit loud.
Looks like you had a great time.

Kayla Christie said...

umm yumm! look at those pastries at the bakery!