Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A boy called Noah.

I once knew this boy. His name was Noah.

He had the most beautiful rich dark brown curly hair. He had the biggest most enviable brownest of eyes. His skin was soft, made softer by the care from his loving parents. He was the wisest boy I have ever known, even though he never spoke a word in his ten short years. 

He was the most selfless boy I have ever known even though he was never able to walk and needed round the clock care from his parents. His personality was not unlike his Dad's and he was often called cheeky monkey. If anyone could get a giggle or a laugh out of him, it was his Dad.

Noah's 6th birthday (photo here)

I didn't just know Noah. I had the privilege of knowing Noah, the privilege of being one of his students. I didn't know him like his parents did but he taught me things about life, about death, about what I can do to try to do better, to be better and let his influence, influence me for the rest of my time here.

Noah meeting Flynny in hospital.

This beautiful boy passed away two years ago, today. (photo here)

 His father Aaron, at only 39 years, followed him just 3 1/2 short months later. (photo here)
Aaron said at Noah's funeral that Noah was his hero. They are both my heroes.

Noah was the most loved boy I have ever known.
The strength, grace, love and courage of this boy lives on in his mother, Lisa. So in a way he is still here.

I once knew this boy.

And one day I will know him again...

And my greatest anticipation will be seeing Noah and Aaron reunited with their family on earth once again. To see the joy on all their faces...
but especially on my dear friend Lisa's face, when her heart is finally healed... will be the most joyous to behold of all. (photo here)

And as today drew to a close, with a magnificent sunset for a backdrop, we let a few balloons go along with some sparklers for our beautiful friend Noah.

This photo cracks me up of Flynn running away from the sparkler because it scared him. I'm sure Noah would chuckle at that.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Simone.
My heart is too full to say anything else.
Love Lorraine.

Lotti said...

What a beautiful post. There are some special spirits in this world and I have had the privilege of caring for them. I have never met Noah, but I sense he is one of those special spirits Heavenly Father puts on earth to touch our lives ... and there are no need for words.

Bekka Joy said...

What an amazing tribute to such an inspiring family. x

Sam Miller said...

Such a touching post. I have known a few special souls as well. My friend Lynn had a baby with
Cerebral Palsy due to asphyxia, She was such a blessing to all who knew her. Molly was Lynn and Jeff's only child and sadly Jeff passed away when Molly was around 16. He was the healthiest man I ever new but died from brain cancer. Molly and Lynn lived alone for several years and then last year Molly passed away. My heart hurts for Lynn she has lost her husband, mother, father and child all within a few years of each other.