Monday, October 14, 2013

End of the school holidays

The second week of the school holidays went really quickly.

The kids had heaps of fun having their cousin's Katie and Lilly over while Tammy was on prac. We taught them to play Monopoly Deal.

Flynn loved having another two girls to baby and spoil him.

We went to the bike centre which Lisa had organised and even though it was raining, the kids had a ball.

Hallie was sick for three days straight so any plans were put on hold while she rested up and got better.

And the chooks didn't escape it either. The kids long loved silky bantem, Snowflake, a wonderful little mother who would take on anyone else's chicks if their mother didn't want them, along with her own brood, grew weak from old age and we watched her take some last laboured breaths.

It was sad for the kids to say goodbye but she had a wonderful life living free on our land and not in a cage and having yummy scraps each day along with some pellets. And the kids looked after her very well. She was bossy with the other chooks so they are probably happy!! ;)

On Friday Hallie was a little better, still not herself but well enough to take a trip to Oma and Pop's house in Ulverstone. It was very very windy down at the park where Simon's Mum had organised a bbq lunch but we were sheltered for the most part and it didn't stop us later from having some fun on the pedal bikes. It was so fun to go on something altogether because usually with five kids, we have to take turns and be split up.

An ice-cream afterwards also helped seal the deal.

To finish off the school holidays, after helping Simon build a hutch, Sarra was allowed to get a guinea pig. Peppa (in memory of Mum's dog Pepper, but spelt like Peppa pig who Flynn is obsessed with) joins the growing family of chooks, fish and cats and yes they would all love a dog but I'm not giving in... for the time being anyway!!

This morning Simon left for two weeks of search and rescue training. One week at Coles Bay and the next week in Hobart. 

This time there is no camping in the freezing rain and wind or snow in tents but living it up in luxury.
The photo he sent me of his view of the Hazards from his apartment is amazing.

Can't wait for some more pics and I think they may be doing some caving training and Simon has an underwater camera so they will be amazing.


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