Sunday, July 22, 2012

What goes around comes around

Sometimes sharing is not such a good thing.......especially when it comes to germs and winter colds and flus and little gastro bugs. The older three all succumbed this week, Sarra to a bad cold/flu and Oliver and Hallie to our little mate gastro.

This little bug is having a great party at the moment with lots of friends and strangers alike falling prey. The Deloraine Hospital was in lockdown this week so they could try and contain it and a note was sent home from school talking about it and what to do if your child gets it. ie -keep them home from school so they don't pass it on - except to their own family members! :)

Hallie of course suffered more than the other two. I knew she would. Because her (and Flynn) don't produce any cortisol (the hormone produced by the adrenal glands that protect us from illness and injury), she got sick quicker and for longer, throwing up heaps and sleeping alot on the couch. I had to triple her meds dosage, trying to imitate what 'normal' bodies do (when we are under stress from illness, our bodies start producing extra cortisol to combat the onslaught of sickness). I was worried that if she wasn't keeping her meds down that her body, without any cortisol, would just keep getting sicker and we would have to give the meds intraveneously, but thankfully she started getting better and was able to go back to school on Friday.

It helped that our neighbour Katherine brought over some good movies for her to watch to whittle away the time in between sleeping and my lovely visiting teacher, Ashlee made some hearty chicken vegetable soup for the troops.

So far neither Jonty or Flynn have got it, thankgoodness and Flynn continues to be my cute little kitchen helper. To everyone else out there who has been a part of the gastro party too, I hope you and your families get better soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi I hope the kids get well very soon. Love M <3

The Kings said...

Poor Hallie. Glad she's feeling much better.