Thursday, July 12, 2012

*15 months*

Today I turned 15 months

I have decided that I absolutely love chocolate, biscuits, mashed potato, water, apples, bananas and cake.

Did I mention chocolate??

I weigh 9.2  kgs and am 67cms tall. (sitting on the 10th percentile) I know I'm little for my age but good things come in small packages right??

I don't say alot because quite frankly our house is noisy enough but I point (sometimes scream) if I want something and say bub bub, Dad Dad, Mumma, and Ra Ra (Sarra), ffff (if something is hot). I wave to people and play peek a boo.

I have 6 teeth and have the cheekiest biggest grin.

I am still feeding twice a night but not at all during the day except for just before bed at 7pm. I'd like to say that I am sleeping all night but I haven't quite got the hang of that yet and still wake every 3-4 hrs and sometimes I can do a 6 hr stretch. Sometimes randomly I can do an all-nighter and go 10 hrs but I'm yet to figure out how to keep that up (or Mum is anyway).

On the plus side, I am having one nice long day sleep each day, about 1.5 to 2 hours long.

I am loving bathtime each night and hanging with my bros. Still not talking to my sisters for dressing me up like a girl in the school holoidays. ;)

My meds are going okay. Still the usual routine of 7.30am. 3.30pm. 7.30pm and 11.30pm - same as Hallie so that makes it easier even though our doses are different. We are still having trouble getting my blood pressure down, scistolic Dr A calls it. We have changed the meds dosage...... again so hopefully we can figure that one out with the next round of bloods.

I am the fastest crawler on the block and am walking around while holding onto stuff. But just a few nights ago I did this..........

My family is such a good audience. Obviously this standing up business is good stuff because they are all making such a fuss about it. :) I reckon by next time I post, I will have this walking stuff down pat.


Kylie's blog said...

Oh Simone he is absolutely gorgeous. Carter is not sleeping through the night - this week, was last week but before then - not so much!

Bride said...

so so cute, and growing up fast

Carli said...

Go Flynn! You're the man of the house x

Princesses in waiting said...

Go Flynn,
Love your new tricks and the fact you clap yourself make me laugh. Sure a cutie.