Thursday, July 26, 2012

It has been six months....

...since I got the phone call from Lisa to say Aaron had passed away. I still remember that instant feeling of my stomach dropping to the point of nearly throwing up, holding fast to the washing machine to steady myself as my body immediately started reacting physiologically to the shock, waiting for my heart and mind to catch up.

My mind has caught up but I don't know when my heart will catch up. When my heart will catch up to the fact that a person who I love very much has first lost her beautiful Noah and then lost the love of her life and three beautiful boys, have lost one of the best Dads ever.

But you know what, read this post here written by Lisa as a guest blogger for the TOFW blog, and you will start to get a glimpse into who the Kings are, their courage, their grace, their inspiring example in the face of such heartache.

And just because two of them are waiting in heaven for the other four, does in no way mean, their story has ended. In fact the chapters ahead in their story, for all of them, are promised to be filled with a richness of blessings that we cannot fathom or yet understand.

And speaking of glimpses, these pics at the cemetery today are a glimpse into the beautiful cheekiness of Kobe. What a cutie.

 playing peek-a-boo with the balloons

Jonty doing some housekeeping

cheekiest pose of them all

and looking like an angel

Who says four year olds cannot inspire us, teach us and help us learn about what really matters most.


The Kings said...

Thank you for the balloons and beautiful card. Kobe is so cheeky! What a little rat.

April said...

Oh you are so thoughtful...what a kind friend you are.

Eleise said...

What a lovely post! Such a courageous family and Kobe looks like the sparkle in Lisa's eyes :)

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