Thursday, May 5, 2011

My New Bestie

Jonty loves loves loves Flynn.

He is always wanting to hold him and cuddle him and stop him from crying by sticking his hand over his mouth. Breast-feeding is Flynn 'having a sandwich'. Jonty is fascinated with Flynn's nose and eyes and hands.

He thinks Flynn is having a game with him when Jonty sticks his finger in his mouth and Flynn goes to suck on it.

When Flynn has his bloods, Jonty strokes his hand while Flynn screams but only for a minute before he gets distracted by the doctor's stethescope or opening all the cupboards in the room to play with medical stuff. :)

Jonty is distracted by the telly - and forgets he is holding Flynn!!

I hope Flynn thinks as much of Jonty as Jonty thinks of Flynn and they remain besties as they grow up together.


the woodwards said...

Love that time, when they show love..... Eliza and eden now spend their time pushing each others buttons!!!!

The Kings said...

oh I'm cracking up at the pic of him about to drop him as he watches TV! That is so nice that he loves him so much and isn't jealous.

Nettie's Blog said...

how funny is that!!!! the TV over his brother....but i guess the bond is there and will grow stronger than ever as Flynn gets older....

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous little men.
Love Lorraine.