Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy first 'B' birthday Bastian

Next Saturday Bastian turns 1. Kyle and Jess came down for Hallie's Baptism tomorrow and so we had a 'B' party for Bastian today at the Wheelers.

Everyone had to come dressed as something beginning with B.

Here were some of the costumes.
I wore bandanas.....
Jo(Kyle's Mum) and Flynn were both bees........

Kyle was batman, Jess, a ballerina and Bastian, a banana......

My kids were -
Jonty - a bin
Sarra - a cricket bat
Ollie - a burglar
Hallie - BMX rider
Simon - a bobby (British policeman)
But no-one would keep their costumes on because they got in the way of playing!!

Collette - a bank
Lisa - wore black
Emily - Bella off Beauty and the Beast
Rohan - bathers
Mum - bandages

Some photos of all these costumes would have been good right about now. :)

The food was scrum-diddly-umptious.

And these bottles, Jess made for our drinks were very cute.

Bastian loved opening his presents.

And Collette had organised some awesome party games.

Getting ready for pass-the-parcel.

Singing Happy Birthday.

Happy first birthday Bastian. xx


the woodwards said...

Hope you ALL have a FAB weekeend!!
LOVE the red,white and blue ballons.. Looks like a 4th July party!!!

The Kings said...

What a GREAT party!!! Love everyone's ideas for costumes - would've loved to have seen more pics of them! ;)
Can't believe he is one already!

Nettie's Blog said...

NO WAY where has the year gone...happy no 1 birthday to a handsome little man...(he will going on a mission soon...or will i be waking up from old age and dementia????)