Saturday, November 7, 2009

Holiday - Melbourne

WARNING - the following next few posts are probably going to be a really boring read as it is only going to be journalling about our holiday for the kids to look back on when they are older so feel free to yawn away or look at someone else's blog. I hear the Kings is a good read. ;)

Okay so last Friday night Simon and the three kids left on the boat to go to Melbourne. Jonty and I flew over on the Saturday arvo. While Simon was waiting for us, he took the kids to the scienceworks place.

Here Oliver was learning different ways of moving heavy objects.

Oliver is learning about garbage recycling.

This one was learning about hydraulics.

This one tested how fast you could run.

Hallie decided to tackle to rock climbing.

This one was about electricity - the faster they pedalled, the brighter the light became

Simon has no idea here what Hallie was doing - whatever it was, it looks interesting.
Moving weights via pulleys.
It looks like they had a really good time. Jonty and I got there about 4pm and we went straight to our friend Monica's house in Port Melbourne where we were sleeping the night before driving to Canberra the next day.

We went for a walk down to St Kilda beach and Monica showed us where she works (a really yummy cake shop:)). The weather was perfect but I was sporting a bad head cold so was not in the mood for taking photos although I knew I would regret it when I felt better as St Kilda beach is a beautiful place and Port Melbourne is so lively and full of character, a reason why I absolutely love Melbourne.

Mon always puts us up when we are over and this time even squeezing the 4 kids in, we had a great night talking and catching up. Thanks for the powerful drugs which chased my cold away Mon.... :) a photo of Mon would be good right now too eh!


The Kings said...

Oh Simone - you crack me up so much! That museum looks great - I remember going there during a YSA convention back in the day. Trust Hallie to be the one rock climbing! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip and it's not boring - it's great to read what you have been up to and the kids will love looking back on it.

Collette said...

BORING!! No one cares about your super dooper in THE MIDDLE OF THE SCHOOL TERM fantastic getaway simone!...ok maybe i'm a little jelous!

Biggest sis said...

I'mm not bored either, hurry up...I want more!!!

Jury Family said...

The kids look like they were having fun. My kids would love to go there!