Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday - Canberra - Aussie Mint and Parliament House

I am so slow plodding through these holiday posts. I think I will just have to do a heap at once or I am going to fall so far behind, especially with Christmas coming up!

Okay so after the war memorial, we headed over to Australia Mint where all our dough is made. I thought it would be quite boring but it was actually very fascinating and interesting.

I think these were all 20 cent pieces being made. There were millions of them.

Oops I don't think this 20 cent piece came out right. In the information box, it explained that somehow a bolt had become trapped and disfigured it.

I can't remember the name of this robot, probably something like Big Bertha, but it was so 'talented'. Once a drum was filled with coins, it picked it up and poured out the coins and then replaced the drum in exactly the same spot to be refilled again. No man could have lifted that drum, not even 5, it was so heavy with money.

Jonty spent ages just staring down at the work floor watching all the different stages of the money being made. We got to walk along the top and watch through the glass. At different points along the top, there would be information areas which explained what the workers were doing and the history behind our money.

After Australia Mint, we popped in to see Kevin but he wasn't working that day.

Maybe next time Ruddy?


Collette said...

hmm...yawn...hmm...haha...okay the crack about ruddy was pretty funny...bring on the exciting stuff...oh thats right you DIDNT go on the rides...you told a LIE!! haha

Makayla said...

That's actually fascinating!! How cool.
Yeah Simone, you have been telling fibs a LOT lately!!!! ;)

The Kings said...

Looks like fun even if it was learning :) Love the parliament house shots.

Sim-Dim said...

I swear Mak that I have NEVER ironed linen....... honestly!!!

Penny B. said...

Sam would have loved to see the mint. He just loves seeing how things are made / work.

Nettie's Blog said...

I know why you have never ironed linen!!!!! your generation never irons at all..they just fold don't they????
Well my sarah does anyway..her iron went rusty and that was just before it was classed as antique..(it actually was my old one)
anyways wasnt there a post a bit back with a sister called Collette doing all your ironing??? ho hummmmm
have never been to the capital...perhaps one day..oh didnt they give out freebies at the mint????

Anonymous said...

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