Thursday, August 13, 2009

Send more money!

This is the email Mum sent home from the States. She is on long-service leave and is touring the USA with her good friend Cathy Reeve. They went for six weeks and return next Fri, the 21st of Aug. Obviously she is having a good time!

I have been looking after Mum's bank accounts while she is away, paying her bills etc. Typical Mum, straight to the point - no, "so we are having a lovely time, miss you heaps" kind of email, just, "Simone, send more money".

But we do love her and miss her heaps. Don't spend too many George Washington's Mum (unless it is on pressies for your family) ;)


The Kings said...

Oh that is hilarious! She must be really having a good time!

Collette said...

I KNEW she was gonna get me heaps of pressies...get on it simone...send more money!! i'm amazed she figured out that she could still email even tho she was on the other side of the world!! haha