Thursday, August 27, 2009

Deloraine House cook-up

Today Kit, Julie, Peggy, Stephannie and I went to Deloraine House to cook up some meals. About every 3mths I get a call from Deloraine House to organise the RS to come over and cook some meals to go in their freezer for emergency sustanance to needy families.

Today we set an all time record. We made 90 meals in 3 hrs. Including the container, each meal came to $1.66. Usually we only do 66 meals.

Can you tell they don't want their photo taken...

that's better!
We usually cook 5 different recipes, curried sausages, pasta bolognaise, tuna mornay, chow mein and shepherd's pie. We try and get 4-5 electric frypans going at once but we always, short out their power and keep having to run out the front to their power box and switch it back on.

Chloe, Lachie, Oliver and Jonty were looked after by some lovely ladies in the child care area. They came in at the end to see what we had been up to. Who needs toys when swinging under the table is so much more fun.

It was a lovely morning, chatting away and steaming up the kitchen there. A great way to keep warm too.

this is me trying to take a photo of the food but the lens kept steaming up

PS Happy birthday today Kit. Thanks for not letting me take a photo of you with your birthday cake. ;)


The Kings said...

Wow that is a lot of food! That is great you can do that for them.

Nettie's Blog said...

Oh call me next time you are doing it and i will come out and help ...i loved doing it the last time....good job i know records are made to be broken Dim Sim....!!!!
When is the next cook up again?????

Konnie Penney said...

great job!!

Collette said...