Friday, August 21, 2009

On home soil

The travellers are home, tired but happy.

Mum and Cathy arrived home after jetting in from L.A. to Sydney this morning at 7.30am. They then left Sydney at 9.30am and flew into Melbourne and then into Launceston at 1.30pm.

Mum was carrying the mandatory load of Krispy Kremes she always gets at the airport (sorry Collette - they were yummy!!)

Jess, Jonty and I made up the welcoming committee, while Kyle did babysitting duties with Sarra, Hallie and Oliver. (putting him to work nicely) :)

Trying to see them come off the plane... we were very excited!! Six weeks is a long time.

Lots of kisses for Jonty. Mum reckoned he had grown heaps in the last 6 weeks.

They both looked very tanned and Mum looked so much younger, without all the school stress that usually abounds this time of the year. She still has a month off so it will be lovely to see her relax and bum around home rather than be exhausted from another term of school.


The Kings said...

She does look very relaxed and tanned!! Must be so nice to have her home and will be exciting to hear all the things they got up to.

Jessica said...

hehe,jonty is such a little model smiling for the camera.

Nettie's Blog said...

Yeah great to have those two tanned beauties back home.... looking forward to seeing the pics..all six weeks of them even.... that Jonty sure is a poser..but then i guess he has two sisters and just like poor old Oliver doesnt stand a chance either...he he

Collette said...

Jess said mums skin is all leathery tanned!! i'm SO white!...the krispe kreams dig was NOT FUNNY i'm SO mad i missed out...boohoo i LOVE them...heard simon scored a goofy top...haha..

Bride said...

6 weeks is a long time! sounds like they had a great holiday. It's always nice to have them home again though.

You Enrichment activity looked like it was a lot of fun, might have to steal that idea!

btw, you are looking great!

Penny B. said...

Looks like they are happy to be home! Made me think about how happy I'll be to see everyone when we arrive in November!