Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pre-wedding shower

Last Thur night was Jess' pre-wedding tupperware shower held at the Honey house. My job was sweets. Mum said six sweets would be enough... i freaked... but with the help of Kit, Mel and Lionel making something mouth watering each, I only had to come up with three.... phew...... thanks so much guys for your help. I know six doesn't seem like much but you know the drill, full-on busy days, so I was much appreciative of the help of these good friends.

My kitchen after my morning of baking...

Collette and Esther TT drove up from Hobart as Esther is now a tupp lady and did the shower for Jess. It was only her fifth party and she did a great job.

We played a few games like the memory game, guess Jess' favourite things and pin the apron on the Jess cut-out. We looked at some tupperware and ate some great food and had a few laughs.

It would have been better if Jess was not sick. After getting over her hives, she came down with a throat ulcer and could hardly eat or talk.

Hopefully by Saturday, she will be back to 100%. In the photo with Jess and Rachael, is Bec, Jess' best friend who is flying over for the wedding. Me, Sarra, Jonty, Cathy Reeve and Bec will all be on the same flight over on Thur. Good on ya Tiger Air.

Oh and as the girls wanted to be the photographers for the night, I had heaps of random shots of the Honey's dog and cat. Obviously the girls were well entertained!!

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The Kings said...

There was SO much food!!!!! It was delicious. Hope Jess is feeling much better by Saturday.