Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little chicks

We have a number of chooks in our back yard that give us lovely fresh eggs and the other day two more little chicks hatched. I did not know that it only takes 21 days for a cute yellow fluffy chickadee to arrive but now I do.

We have an interesting set-up for getting our little chicks. The rooster does his thing with the chooks who are Rhode Island Reds, like out of the movie, Chicken Run, but these chooks do not like to sit on eggs so onto the scene arrives Snowflake our bantem hen, whose job it is to sit on the eggs.

She loves doing this and seems to get quite irritated if she is not either sitting on eggs or looking after the baby chicks. The funny thing is though that as the baby chicks grow and turn into Reds like their real parents, they outgrow Snowflake but still run after her like she is their mother. It is so funny to watch.

Oops this photo looks like Oliver is delivering the chick himself. :)


Suzanne Walters said...

Awww...they are so sweet :) We had chooks when I was a kid about Olivers age, so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

We used to have bantams, for the kids when they were little.
We should get some more, for the grandchildren, when they visit.
I love their little eggs.
Love Lorraine.