Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Westbury PS goes country

Last week the girls had their cross country day, along with every other school it looks like, judging by some other blog posts. Hallie had hers first at school which was basically just a fun run around the oval. She is the one with the green top on.

And they are off...

Jumping through the hoops...

In her Prep class she came first out of the girls and second overall behind Jordan Waddingham. I was there shouting encouragement to Hal but in my mind I was going, "come on beat him Hallie, you can beat a boy".

It was great to watch as Hallie and Jordan were out in front with miles before the next runner and they were neck and neck until Jordan just pegged her at the post. It was so cute to see her little legs pumping hard as she is the smallest in her class by far. "Don't worry Hallie", I thought, your Mum was short and fast too (remember those races Chelsea?).

The ribbon was very politically correct. It said, "I participated in an event".

About an hour later I drove down to the town common for Sarra's cross country event which was a bit more serious. They had a 2km course to run and the first 3 runners across the line would be going on to race in the Northern Midlands - a cross country involving a number of schools.

Sarra ran around with her best friend, Naomi and they ended up coming second and third.
It was funny to watch them together as when one would stop with the stitch, the other would stop too and bend over holding their side.

They would grin and then start running again. I'm glad they get to go to the Northern Midlands together. Obviously the girls are much better runners, than they are swimmers.

I was a really good runner in primary school, holding records and winning all the races when we had the Independent Schools carnival where all the private schools competed against each other.

At Little Athletics, the girls would complain if I was in the race as I would always win. Alas that is where the bragging rights end as when high school rolled round, everyone else got a growth spurt and passed me so I ended up concentrating on team sports like hockey and netball and loving that instead. Oh well it's nice to have some medals, even if they do only say Under 8s and Under 10s (LOL).

Sarra streaming across the finish line.


Collette said...

Go the sporty Spices...i wonder where they get there competitive edge from?

The Kings said...

Excellent! Well done girls. I used to be good at cross country too, but these days I'm just old and unfit!

Anonymous said...

Way to go girls!! We had ours too last week and I was just impressed Hannah actually ran in it, let alone finished still running :) Doesn't take after her unfit mum that's for sure

Nettie's Blog said...

go girls go...congratulations...well are grinners....champion stuff...what more can i are stars...YEAH!!!!

Bride said...

Looks like they both did very well, and the surroundings for the cross country looks beautiful!

Penny B. said...

Way to go Hallie and Sarra!