Saturday, February 7, 2009

Who Wants to be a Movie Star!!

On Thursday night, we held a RS activity at Kit's place. We called it our "Who wants to be a Movie Star" night. Kit is famous for her homemade pizzas so she made about 6 bases and we asked each of the sisters to bring a pizza topping. We had fun decorating them, especially as we were hearing different ones say, "oh yuk I don't want pineapple" or "no onion on this one".

Maureen Handley

While the pizzas were cooking we watched the new Emma Hale Smith movie. It was fantastic. We stopped halfway through to eat the pizzas and then finished watching the movie. After dessert, Mel took us outside for some star gazing.

Mel first explained the Aboriginal story behind the stars, then the scientific make-up of stars and then finished off by reading how the stars were formed out of the book of Genesis. She then showed us we can use the stars to find south during the night. It was fascinating as I had no idea where I would be at night, not having the sun to rely on, and now next time I get lost in the bush, I can find my way out. :) You should have seen the torch Mel had. I have never seen one so big. It had like 15million candle wattage.

Kit had put out some flames on sticks outside to help set the mood. It was very lovely. We jsut needed some marshmellows to roast and we would have been set.

Look at these two cheeky second cousins Lachlan and Jonty Monty.

To spend some time star gazing really puts things into perspective and I am so glad we don't live in a smoggy built-up city where it would be almost impossible to see the stars. Thankyou too Kit for hosting us at your lovely home.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun activity.
I was going to come, but called in for some last minute babysitting at the last moment.
I was too bushed when I got back home to go out again.It's funny how you say Jonty Monty, because we say Harri Larri.
The girls looked happy to go to school. I loved the rakish angle of Halle's hat.
Deloraine was loke a ghost town today.
Love Lorraine. xxx

Suzanne W said...

Oh so much fun!! I'm really sorry I wasn't in town for it, bad planning ;) Looks like everyone really enjoyed it though....put me down for the next enrichment activity for sure!
Isn't the Emma movie a good one? I really enjoyed it!