Friday, February 13, 2009

'Just google it Mum'

Yesterday Sarra came home with her first piece of homework - to find out one fact about dolphins. I was thinking out loud where Sarra could find out some interesting things about dolphins and she said, "Mum, Mrs K said to just google it".

So on the computer she sat and googled 'dolphins'. Did you know that the common enemy of the dolphin is the bull shark, great white shark, tiger shark, dusky shark (whatever those are) and of course humans.

These generation Zers are taking over. It's scary how much they know about technology.

Oh and can you guess who chose this cover for her school books? And she made sure she wore spiderman undies for her first day.


Anonymous said...

Scary isn't it?! My girls are the same....even Mary knows how to work a mouse and she's not even two!
Actually her favourite thing to do with the computer is hit the reset button on the tower just as I'm in the middle of working on something and then run off giggling!! Sigh ;)
Love the Spiderman book's Princesses all the way here I'm afraid, so original!

The Kings said...

LOL - spiderman! Hallie cracks me up. She would love Jalen's books.