Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ssh...... it's quiet at our place

Wow going from four to two children is AWESOME! The house is clean (well as good as it gets), Oliver is quietly playing with lego (until Jonty starts crawling and wrecks it all) and noone is fighting me for a turn of barbie.com on the computer. Woo hoo I am loving this. Oh no it is nearly 11am. Only 4 hrs of freedom left. Ha,ha!! This morning went very smoothly for the girls. I wondered how I was going to get them all ready and at school on time and fit a feed in with Jonty but I actually had to wake him to take the girls to school so he had a feed when we got home.

When we got to school, Hallie was a little shy but as soon as she saw her kinder friends from last year, she was happy. This year Hallie is in a Prep/1 with 21 kids, a big jump from 10 last year but she has Sarra's old Gr1 teacher, Mrs Walker and she is fantastic so we are pretty pleased. We found Hallie's bag hook and it was on the top and she could not even reach up to put her bag over the hook. It was so funny - maybe Mrs Walker will move her name to the bottom row.

See how they wanted the same hair styles...
Sarra was very excited to be in Gr 3, (composite 3/4) a bit like Jalen was last year as finally, they are starting to be one of the big kids and she said that this year they were doing heaps of Art and Science with Mrs K (Kleinig) who is also a fabulous teacher.

I met Hallie's student teacher too today and I was asking her a few questions and she said, 'oh are you a teacher too?' I laughed and said 'no, but my Mum, 2 sisters and bro-in-law are'. I guess I have picked up a bit listening to them talk at family dinners. :)

Oliver starts early learning again some time this term and is very excited to know that this is his last year before kinder. He is 4 on March 4th so is one of the older ones so I know next year he will be more than ready for kinder. Look at me, already getting excited about next year when it's only the first day of this year. ;)


Kylie's blog said...

Simone your girls look gorgeous in their uniforms! Mine go back tomorrow as they had a teacher training day today, and I'm glad as I think they'll be exhausted after just 3 days as it is!

(Via the Kings)

Suzanne W said...

What a gorgeous pair! How did they enjoy their first day? Hannah loved hers...well, from what I could gather, when I asked what she did she said "I forgot" lol
Beck is just busting to start pre-kinder like Oliver, it'll be great for them hey!

The Kings said...

Isn't it nice just having two at home!! No more fighting and a cleaner house :)

Elissa said...

Oh yes! The younger two love some more attention while the older ones are at school. It is so nice to half only half the number messing...i do miss them by the end of the day though.

Milla Mitchell said...

Mrs Kleinig - that has to be the mum of one of the girls that I went through school with, Fiona! Small world it is!!