Friday, September 26, 2008

It's all over red rover

The teen years are all over for my gorgeous youngest sister!! I can't believe she is 20yrs old. Where did that time go?

I can still remember the day she was born. I was 14yrs old in yr 9 at St Pat's. Mum was induced so I knew that today was THE day. The called my name over the PA to go to the office and the teacher said, 'quick, run'. When I got there they told me Mum had had a baby girl (not another one) and she was 9 pound 6. Wow that was BIG especially as she was 5wks early. Yikes, I can appreciate the pain that it must have been for Mum now as she is only 5ft.

After school I raced up to the hospital and Mum looked like death warmed up (sorry Mum) She looked that exhausted that I was scared. Now having mirrored that look 3 times, I can completely understand.

Jess was a darling baby (don't know what happened :)). I used to bath her, babysit her and take her for walks in the pram. The only thing was that I used to get all these dirty looks because people thought I was a teenage Mum. Once Jess was really sick and I was looking after her at home with Naomi Pawson and she did the BIGGEST projectile vomit and I caught it in my hands. YUK, I can still remember the smell.

On that nostalgic note I better stop.

10 things I love about Jess

1. she is gorgeous
2. her artistic and creative flair
3. she has THE best death stare
4. her pale skin
5. she spends hours making presents for people
6. I have never known anyone with a messier room
7. she gives 100% on whatever she is doing
8. her skinny butt (not fair)
9. her beautiful blue eyes
10. her funloving spirit


The Kings said...

oh wow - if Jess is 20, then don't you feel old!!!!?? ha ha

Country/City Boy said...

Your a nice sister Simone.

You'd love the weather up here today, it's gorgeous and hot. haha :)

Jackie said...

you're such a nice big sister Simone..I wanted to cry when I read your bit what you liked about your sister..

Collette said...

hmm i dispute some of those points...haha jk jess...:) Can't wait for MY birthday tribute simone...i think you better start planning it now!