Monday, August 18, 2008

Cursed Croup

On Saturday Oliver developed a mild barky cough and runny nose. You know the usual cold-like symptoms you see in little kids at this time of year. That night we went to Eden and Steph's for tea as Sarra had been pestering them for ages for a sleepover with Chloe. Like they weren't busy enough with building a new house and having a baby. Stephannie said Sarra was good though, and had a bath in the morning with Chloe before church. Anyway while we were there, Oliver's breathing got quite noisy but he was still happy and full of energy. Chrish came over during tea and it was lovely to see him and catch up a bit. I had a hold of Lachlan and Oliver came running out of Chloe's room, his eyes turned big as saucers and he said, "Mum you had the baby". I could not stop laughing. It would be nice if it was that easy. I had to explain to him that Lachlan was Chloe's little brother and not his.

On Sunday Oliver's breathing got worse but we still took him to church as he did not seem bothered by it. I thought his breathing was more noisy, rather than sounding restricted. During Sunday School I took him round to Mel's for a rest as Tyren was home sick and Mel said "look how is chest is caving in as he tries to breath - maybe it is asthma"! I was really hoping not! After church I borrowed Katherine's vaporiser and set it up next to him on the couch thinking that would help the mucous move a bit off his chest. I still had no clue how bad he was getting. At this stage Oliver still seemed quite happy.

Quite quickly he started going downhill and could not even talk but would tap me on the arm and point to things or just try to whisper. All of a sudden he could not walk anymore and crawled over to me trying to tell me his chest hurt. He started getting really restless and irritable. His little heart was racing and he was getting clammy. Katherine was over having a look at him too and once he started doing this, I called out to Simon who was packing for his week away doing Search and Rescue and we decided I should take him into the hospital.

On the way in, Oliver got really lethargic and started drooling and was not responding to me. I must admit I started speeding a bit and kept telling myself to keep it together. Some instinct told me that I needed to be quick and not waste anymore time. By now Oliver sounded like he was gasping for air, like there was not enough oxygen in the air. His chest was caving in so much with each breath that his ribs were showing with each gasp and a big hole was appearing in his neck as he tried to suck in air. I was horrified that things could get bad so quick and I felt like a terrible mother.

Anyway at the emergency dept, it was of course chockas full of people but they whisked us straight in as a category 2 case of severe respiratory distress. As soon as they put him on the nebulisier with adrenaline, Oliver improved dramatically. Oliver found all the vapours quite disconcerting and kept trying to pull the mask off his face but in the end he gave up because he was too tired to fight. He was then given prednisolone and put on children's ward to be monitored. The doctor said I really should have called an ambulance and if I had of left him untreated, it would have become life-threatening through the night. But she did say that with kids they will go and go and then just drop and it happens so fast that it is sometimes hard to judge how bad they are. I think she was trying to make me feel better.

Anyway after all that, Oliver has croup. Although it is common, it can get serious quickly which is what happened to Oliver. What amazed me was how quick he perked up once his windpipe was not restricted by mucous anymore. He wanted to play in the playroom and have something to eat. The playroom was awesome. I remember Lisa putting it on her blog on its opening day when she was in having Kobe but I didn't realise how much work had been put into it.

We were supposed to be having a family dinner at the Wheelers and practice our skit for the Stake Talent Night so instead Mum, Collette, Jess, Lisa and Emily came in with tea for me. It was really nice as I could forget some of the stress of the last few hours and have a good laugh. Thanks for cheering me up guys! Knowing my family and how food is a priority, I had not forgotten dessert and threw it in the car half made on the way to the hospital. In true Gibson style, after their visit, the girls went to my car and got out the lemon meringue cheesecake (one of Kay's recipes that Mum Triffitt said to try) and took it home to eat. Collette texted me and said it was yummy. Hello - where is my piece!!

look at these two posing sick for the camera - what a crack-up!

Simon came in with Sarra and Hallie and when they left Simon later told me that Sarra asked him if Oliver was going to die (so dramatic) and Hallie got all teary when she was praying for him before bed. Nice to know they care for each other inbetween fights.

When everyone left I gave Oliver a bath in this awesome batch that moves up and down and has spa jets and toys. The only thing was the nurse put it on for me but I didn't know how to turn it off because there were so many buttons. I did not want to buzz her as I felt really silly so Oliver and I tried all the buttons until we got the tap to turn off. I was starting to panic as the bath was gettting fuller and fuller. Oliver was giggling away.

Sleeping over was a joy. The pull-out cot would have been manageable without a big heavy tum and as we were right next door to the nurses desk and they had a window to see in and doing Oliver's obs all night, I did not sleep much -but I was expecting that anyway. I hate people seeing me in my pjs so at 6.30 I was up and in the shower before anyone could see me.

Simon came in as he decided not to start search and rescue until tomorrow and around 11.30am, Lisa came in with Kobe and Harri so that broke up the boredom quite nicely.(thanks Lisa) Harri and Oliver went off to play and then Harri did not want to go home, he was having so much fun.

They let us out about 3pm with some more prednisolone and to watch Oliver carefully overnight and bring him in if he started looking like his windpipe was restricted again. Well now I definitely know what croup is and don't worry it is a virus and not contagious. Just don't let it get as bad as I did. The hospital food is not worth it :)


The Kings said...

So glad that Oliver is okay - it sounds very scary. Harri is still asking if he can go back to the hospital to play again!

Biggest Sis said...

I laughed at the photo where Oliver & Harri have put all the vehicles in the boat, It rather looks like Oliver enjoyed his little trip to the hospital. I'm glad he's ok though. And we ate all the dessert..thanks!

Collette said...

how could you be bored when you've got awesome sisters like us...coming all that way to get the dessert instead of making you bring was YUMMO!

Country/City Boy said...

Glad to see Oliver is doing better, I remember a comment at church about his breathing sounding like Darth Vader. Yep hospital food isn't much chop, I agree with that.

Got to laugh about you Gibson girls and food.

Was good to see you and Simon on Saturday night and have a little chat.

Anna Cullis said...

Oh, my goodness how scary for you. Great to know Oliver is better!

The Parsons Family said...

oh wow... first I read Collette's blog and had no idea what was wrong with Oliver, now i read yours! So glad he is ok. Love all those cars piled together!

Carli said...

Oliver you have taught us all to look for the warning signs of the dreaded CROOP! (Glad you remembered Collette's dessert Simone!!!)