Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A bit behind

Well after our internet went down for 2days and I was on the phone to Telstra for 57mins trying to get it fixed, we are back on air again. I realise that I am way behind with my blogging this week so am just going to post some random pics of what has been going down at Westbury.

Today Hallie is sick so it gives me a good opportunity to catch up on my blog and browse all the ones I have not been able to see for the past few days. Sorry I missed the gym this morning Lisa. I hope it wasn't too much torture doing the spin class!

Sarra's favourite food is raspberries and I remember being so envious of Toni when last summer she posted pics on all the luscious raspberreis they had at their new place. Poppy is very good at growing raspberries and kindly gave Sarra some raspberry canes to plant. Whenever Sarra goes to Oma and Pop's, she asks for raspberries and Oma luckily, often has some in the freezer. Sarra says thanks Poppy.

On Sunday, great Pop Triffitt (Harry) gave Simon some advice on how to grow them and yesterday the girls got out with Simon and started planting. It was a wonderful learning opportunity for Sarra and she is very excited to see the end product.

Oliver has been up to his usual antics. Now you know how some of you have been telling me that Oliver needs to hurry up and get a brother, particularly with his sisters loving to play dress-ups with him all the time.............. well this is him putting on eyeliner. Maybe he thought it was lipstick.
This photo speaks for itself.
These are some of the photos taken at Kit's house when Justine and Declan were here and they held an open home. I love the one of Tilly, Sarra and Kobe. They are such little mothers.

Kit hasn't lost her touch with the babies. She put Kobe to sleep no worries. I will keep that in mind for mine then Kit.

Last weekend Hallie went to her first school birthday party. It was for her little friend Jordan and Hallie was in heaven as the party's theme was Spiderman.

Hallie and the birthday boy, Jordan

Hallie with her best friend Alice. I was trying to get some nice light effect with the camera but as you can see it didn't really work. Can I blame the camera?


Country/City Boy said...

Looks like an interesting week. Gotta love Raspberries, always like to raid mum and dad's crop whenever i'm down. Not sure how well they would grow up here, might just stick to a mandarine tree.

The Kings said...

Poor Hallie! I hope she is feeling better. RPM killed me and my bum is so sore already!! Brent actually took it as Jenny was sick so we were screamed at the whole time!!
Cute pics - love the one of Kobe and Kit :) Hope the raspberries grow well.

Sayers Family said...

cute photos...especially the nudey one of Oliver -love it :). Hope Hallie gets better soon.

Collette said...

So this is why we never hear from you any more?? busy busy!! Excited about the olympics sis??

Big Sis said...

Raspberries are my fav. too, so if you get too many to handle, I'll help out! What is Oliver doing on that ladder? Thats funny!

Carli said...

Carrying on the raspberry tradition - that's great. Hope they grow well!