Thursday, August 21, 2008


Simon has been away this week doing a week's worth of Search and Rescue training in the snow. Once again I ask why someone would choose to do that..... and be excited about it. I hate the cold and go to great lengths to avoid it. Five minutes before we leave the house I warm the car up and have the heaters on flatout so I can go from a warm house to a warm car without noticing the change in temp much.

Last night they left Cradle Mountain to go to Ben Lomond and they were given an hour to stop home and dry out and have a shower. Yep Simon did smell a bit. He phoned ahead to ask me to whip down to the bakery and get him a pie and pastie. I suppose living off camp food can get a bit monotonous. This week they are trying their hand at building snow caves ( they weren't allowed to take tents) and understanding hypothermia so they can identify it in people they find and know what to do to help. They were going to 'get a bit of hypothermia' so they could know what its like, all in a controlled setting, but it reminded me of Simon's academy days when they all decided to have capsicum spray sprayed in their faces so they knew what it felt like for when they did it to um the baddies.


The Kings said...

ha ha - the 'baddies' hey!? Crazy to want to do something like that! Hope he goes okay.

Paige said...

I bet you're glad to have your hubby home. I can't even stand a night alone! My imagination gets the best of me and I start hearing noises that really aren't there.

Collette said...

What about tickets...and stupid speeding fines...they could give each other those and see what its like!!