Saturday, April 19, 2008

Targa Tasmania

Yesterday Simon took Oliver and Hallie to Dunorlan for stage 19 of Targa Tasmania. He met up with Jasen, Eden and Levi who had a good possy in which to view the cars from.

The boys did a bit of trespassing and set some chairs and a barby on top of a Telstra building to catch a bird's eye view of each car as it whizzed past. Only something true blue "Deloraine boys" would come up with.

It did not take long for Oliver and Hallie to get bored so they just watched a video in the car. I think it was more an outing for Simon.


The Kings said...

Ha ha - that is funny!! And Simon trespassing!?!?! What is that about!? lol Funny to think that Targa was at the big smoke of Dunorlan this year.

Country/City Boy said...

Lisa used my comment about a cop trespassing. haha. Good idea on the barbie though, sounds like fun to me.

Carli said...

Lovely and iconic.