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missionaryMum.13 (May 2015)

The last month of Spring and the flowers put on a show!

Who would have thought that not too long ago it was snowing.

And now this… loving the fairy tulips.

Such glorious clear blue days ready for the heat of summer next month.

Mum went on a trip to Park City, about 50 mms away from SLC in Utah.

Mum with Sister Snowden and Sister Denley.

Brother and Sister Denley.

She said there was some interesting architecture, surrounded by hills with ski slopes.
This is the old railway station. It used to be a mining town and in winter is completely covered in snow.

They came back out through immigration canyon, the trail which the pioneers came in on and comes out at "This is the Place".

This was the Main Street.

Mum got some lovely things from home for Mother's Day.

Hi Everyone, Monday we had our zone farewell for those leaving from 3-4 and then at 6 
we had our Branch hail and farewell???a day of food. 
Tuesday morning we started the day with a devotional from an Elder Lawrence Nielsen. He 
lives in California and told us all about his journey with Brazil, his own history and 
the Saints in Brazil, it was quite a story. That was at 8 am, then 9.30 zone prayer 
meeting,then at 10.30 we went to the conference centre for the Family History 
Department devotional with Elder Neil L Anderson.  
The theme was God Moves in Mysterious Ways. We had some beautiful music, a piano and 
cello duet and then Voice Male choir sang the hymn 285, amazing words which Elder 
Anderson based his talk on.  He spoke about Wilford Woodruff being the first Temple 
President at St George and the amazing visions he had. He spoke about President 
Hinckley and his vision for small temples. He showed us a design President Hinckley 
drew for small temples. He said if you have a love affair with microfilm get over it! 
Move on to the new technology. He spoke about chains, the links that bind us to 
families. We have a responsibility to the generations that came before and to the 
generations that will come after. Tuesday. I get the zone group went to Sizzlers for 
tea, I didn't like it much and it wasn't cheap. 
Wednesday they trained our team on the 110 year rule as they have too much work to do 
and need help. They had over 2,000 emails in the queue. 
I did two sessions in the Temple on Wed then Wed night was the stake RS devotional with 
Sister Susan S Taggart as the speaker. She is on the YW general board and was great. 
She served her mission in the Netherlands and while there baptised a lady who has since 
gone inactive. Her son now serves in the same mission and knocked on this lady's door. 
The lady put two and two together and is reactivated!!!! 

The week before she went on 
her Mission she got a proposal of marriage. She knelt with the Stake President to pray 
about it and she said he only spoke five words and stopped,  nothing more, the spirit 
was so strong they just both knelt and cried together!!! She never married him, she 
said thank goodness. 
She says Hymn 123 says it all. 
It has rained since Thursday and is supposed to rain all this week. Friday had tea with 
Sister Ryan and her companion, they are in good spirits, it is always nice to be with 
them. Then we went to our last opera! the Rake's Progress. Well we came home at half 
time, not very good at all. 
Sunday talks were excellent. Elder and Sister Musgrove waited three years for their 
mission call and couldn't understand why. They were called to Chille and their mission 
president was an ex Psychologist. He was able to tell them what was wrong with their 40 
year old daughter and how to help her. Sister Bass is a three time cancer survivor. She 
has lost one eye and much of the side of her face and chest. She also has it back now. 
She lost her daughter to cancer. President Miller talked about trials and how we 
all,have them and then we always see someone worse off than ourselves. The Lord 
certainly does work in Mysterious ways! 

On the 12th of May the mission had its monthly Hail and Farewell. I'm hoping we can be at Mum's final one. This month had a Hawaiian theme. I love all the trouble they go to, making everyone feel so special.

Mum met Sister Susan S Targett, member of the YW general board, who spoke at the Stake RS devotional.

Every Sunday when Mum goes to Music and the Spoken Word, they have a little message and I like this one.

Mum's team (photo taken 20.5.15) 
The Church Headquarters Historical Records Escalation Team. 
I wrote about Mum's move from worldwide services to this more specialised team back in March when she started all her training for this new role. Go Mum!!

Hi Everyone, 
Monday devotional we had a guest speaker a Brother Neilsen he works in the Church 
History library. He spoke about Africa and the growth there and how we need to ensure 
the roots are deep not just the branches full. We need centres of learning rather than 
groups of members. It was an excellent talk. 
FHE was at Sister Grabow's and we discussed Jesus The Christ. We had a beautiful 
evening. It is  so amazing to be with people who have such a deep abiding testimony on 
a regular basis. Discussing the scriptures and the Saviour and feeling the spirit so 
strongly. She played a little of a CD called The Lamb of God by Rob Gardner. It is 
beautiful, a musical retelling of the final days of the life of Christ, His atonement 
and resurrection. I have ordered one. 
The 110 year rule stuff is very boring I'm glad I don't do it all day. It's okay as a 
fill in. 
Tuesday we saw Dallin H Oakes and he said hello to us!!! 
Wed my home Teachers took us to Seti Bello, an Italian pizza place for tea. It was 
Mission devotional this week President Oliver talked about it is better to look up and 
President Workman talked about how baptism prepares the way for the Holy Ghost and then 
the remission of sins. 
Thursday I had my full T and R day. I started at the temple at 9 am and did two 
sessions. Then I came home and did two hours family tree. Friday we had free tickets to 
the last symphony for the season. A solo violinist and soprano, it was very good. 
Saturday not much, line dancing and some more family history, then Crown burgers about 
3 pm for lunch. Saturday night was not a good sleeping night, I didn't go off till 4 am 
so I consequently missed MTSW totally. 
Today a lady from France was telling us about her conversion. She had the lessons and 
had decided not to get baptised. She was on holiday and it was really hot, no one was 
outside. She looked out the shutters and saw two missionaries riding their bikes in the 
heat. She said if they are that obedient it much be true and when she got back home was 
She said they will never know they were the catalyst for her baptism. 
How do we help our children come to know and love the Book of Mormon? They need to know 
the stories so they can recognize them later in life. 
It has rained on and off all this week but is still pleasant not cold. The grass is 
really green. 
Tomorrow is a holiday, Memorial Day. We have three people from Queensland going home 
this week, the Aussies are diminishing. 
Wednesday I met a couple who had just come back from a digital preservation mission in 
New Zealand. They were in an antique shop and she knocked the back and found a secret 
hideaway. There was on old book in it. Well they bought it so they could get the book 
and realized the value of it. It was a family history from years ago. They have traced 
the great great grandson to England and are off to find him and put all the history in 
the book together. How amazing is that? 
Another coincidence? I think not. 
Well bed time, hope you all have a good week. Emily let me know what that book is like 
I hadn't read it. 
Nearly winter for you all hope it is not too bad. Bye for now, love Mum/Nan 

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