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missionaryMum.12 (April15)

Hi Everyone, I seem to have caught a cold, my first since I came here, lots of sneezes. 
Phil and. Marilyn arrived on Monday. I caught the Trax to the airport and we got a taxi 
back. Then I went back to work, they walked over with me to get their bearings. 
Tuesday I started training two young Elders who have come on to our team. They are 
quite bright. Phil and Marilyn got their conference tickets and met up with Heather 
Robinson and walked around. Heather has been to Peru and tomorrow goes to England for 
four weeks and then 10 days in Vietnam on the way home. 

Wednesday was half day so I met all three of them at the temple and we did a sealing 
session for Heather. Then we went to the blue lemon for lunch. Phil sorted my computer 
and Sister Snowdens for us. Slow at work this week. Thursday went with the Y elders to 
do library look ups and did some indexing.  Friday morning I went to the humanitarian 
centre with Phil and Marilyn and then back to work. They went to the Welfare Square in 
the afternoon. 
The weekend of course was all conference, they get better every time. I only went to 
one session on Sunday am but watched them all. We are all tired tonight so having an 
early night. 
Hope you all had a good Easter, no holidays here. Have a good week, take care, love 

At the beginning of April, Mum visited the Humanitarian Centre.

450 kgs of clothes in each bale.

The worldwide logo that the church uses to put on things they make.

Volunteers making quilts

All the countries that have been helped by the centre.

Kits made to go overseas.

Even these wheelchairs were made.

The centre trains people to find jobs.

Mum had some visitors in April which she was SO excited about. Her long-time bestie Marilyn Myers came to visit with her husband Phil and also Heather Robinson popped in after visiting Peru and was then going on to England.

Heather, Mum, Sister Snowden and Marilyn

They didn't get tickets to all the conference sessions that month so some of it was watched in the JSMB theatre.

But they got to the Sunday morning conference session.

People come and go each month and April was saying goodbye to Sister Ray with a visit to Sizzler's.

Mum was able to take a few days off to go on a little touring with Phil and Marilyn. They are able to take 10 days off at a time to go on little holidays.

The Jeep they hired for the trip… nice.

They stopped off at Cove Fort built by President Hinckley's grandfather.

Then on to Kolob canyon.

Then onto St George.
This is the view from the motel balcony they stayed at in St George.

Early morning sunrise - a bit grainy on the iPad.

Off to the St George temple - the first one built in Utah.

St George tabernacle

Inside the St George tabernacle.

The Brigham Young winter home. Many people lived there in winter has it was much warmer than the rest of Utah, almost to Nevada.

The Erastus Snow monument.

They started first at Zion's Canyon.

Lots of tourists - hope that's us too next year.

Then onto Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon was trees on one side and cliffs on the other whereas Zion's Canyon was just all rock.

Going to Music and the Spoken Word back in SLC, after their little trip.

Mum took a photo of Sister Menzies from Hobart. It's nice to see people from back home.

Mum took the Myers to Sister Peterson's house for tea. This is Sister Petersen with her son Chal. Sister Petersen is a CSM, a church service missionary which is a mission you can do while living at home and is 16 hours a week or more.

Sister Williams, Mum, Sister Hill, Marilyn, Phil, Sister Snowden and Sister Petersen.

 Face-timing Mum and Marilyn on Flynn's birthday. So cool to see them together over there.

Taking Phil and Marilyn to the Provo temple. Started off a beautiful day and ended up with a snow storm.

The snow storm lasted with very thick settled snow and it was the 15th of April so I don't think they were expecting any more.

The freshly planted spring tulips were not happy.

But it was lovely to take Phil and marilyn for beautiful walks in the snow.

They were also able to catch up with Brad Prebble at City Creek.

The snow stuck around for a bit.

After getting the snow off the car, they set off to Bountiful Temple.

The snow on the mountains looks breathtaking.

The amazing view from the hill in Bountiful.

By the 17th of April, the snow had left as quick as it had come and outside on the balcony looked like Spring again.

Attending one of the many Spring concerts. Mum had such a great time with Phil and Marilyn and can't wait for them to come again next April, just two months short of finishing her mission.

They finished off the month with a visit to the Cheesecake Factory to say goodbye to Elder Aukschun.

On the 28th of April, there was a visit to the house next door to the apartment block. They go past it everyday as they walk through the carpark off to work.

It's owned by Dr Hughes and his wife and he writes poetry and gave each of Mum's group a signed copy of one of his books. So lovely.

And just going out for fare's ice-cream. :)
Sister Graybow, Elder and Sister Denley, Sister Bronson, Mum and Sister Snowden.

And Mum's new workspace, as part of the Church Headquarters historical records escalation team. It looks better than the little cubicle she first had as part of the escalation team - a bigger space and everyone in together, not so much of a little cubicle now.

The historical records escalation team!
Sister Seiter, Elder Seiter, Mum, Sister Snowden, Sister Williams, Sister Petersen and Sister Lee was absent.

Mum sent us an email on the day one year ago that she was getting ready to fly out. She had to report on May 1st  2014. 

Hi Everyone, well this time last year we were all ready to go, it has gone quickly. 
FHE we went and helped Sister Williams unpack stuff in her new apt, she bought us pizza 
for tea, Tuesday. I night my Home Teachers came, by Tuesday I was tired, not used to 
I walked a couple of times this week too. 
Wednesday was half day so from 2 till 7.30 we helped Sister Hill and Sister Williams 
pack up their apt and load cars etc. it was a big day, they had to be out by midday 
Thursday. Sister Hill is going home to North Carolina, driving all the way. She bought 
us Crown Burger for tea this night. 
Thursday we went to the Cheesecake Factory for Elder Aukschun finishing his mission. 
Friday our office was moved! a wall taken down and Now we are in all one space, a bit 
squishy but I guess we will get used to it. I will have to take photos again. (these are the photos above) We also 
learned how to put our cases into a special programme so the information goes straight 
to the Engineers, I guess our training is over! 
Friday night on the way home we got caught in a rain storm, nearly blew us over. It has 
rained nearly all weekend.  
Went to Music and the Spoken Word this morning......the usual Sunday. 

Well time for Hallie's birthday, 12 my word, it was only yesterday I was madly driving 
around the LGH trying to find a park so I could get there before she was born!!!! I 
remember the day very clearly, she was a beautiful baby. I hope you have a good week 
Hallie! enjoy. 
Bye for now,have a good week, love Mum/Nan 

I can't believe the year has gone so fast. Only one more year to go. I can't wait to see Mum - we are hoping to go over there next June (Mum is going to extend for 6 weeks) after Sarra finishes grade 10 exams and be there for about 5 weeks so she can show us around. It will be a very emotional reunion. We are also wanting to visit Disneyland and then go down to Texas to visit Simon's sister and her family too. I just can't wait to visit all the sites that I have blogged about for Mum. It will take on such a different significance seeing it all for ourselves and Mum will be the best tour guide. :)

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