Sunday, March 8, 2015

The big 10!

On the 4th of March, Oliver turned the big 10 -
double digits - a decade!!

He was so excited the night before his birthday and could not get to sleep.

He decided to go to school until recess time and then come home and have some birthday time at home. His best friend Noah was very excited to see him and with the help of some other mates, had written on the whiteboard.

 Two days later on the Friday after school, Oliver had a sleepover for his birthday with a few of his friends.

On the party invite, I had requested iPods or iPads for some "gaming" time and then I confiscated the technology for the rest of the night. They were all excited to be playing off against each other and doing stuff in each other's worlds on Minecraft.

Oli wanted a computer cake so I gave it a shot and even though it tasted nice it didn't look all that crash hot but the kids didn't seem to mind.

Sarra did a great job helping me out with the cold rock for dessert.

And then they all settled down to watch Night at the Museum 3.

I don't know what time they all got to sleep. I didn't hear much noise after midnight but I was too scared to ask. ;) In the morning I served up waffles and ice-cream and juice and they all sat around the table chatting and laughing.

I only let the kids have a party every second year because having 11 kids in the house takes me a whole two years to recover from. ;)

Oliver got some lovely presents and is very lucky to have such lovely friends.

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