Monday, March 23, 2015

Citysliders birthday fun!

For my birthday this year, I didn't have any plans. Mum sent me books from Deseret and I had some chocolate so I was set for the day. 

It was pouring with rain outside and I woke to the news that a friend's beautiful baby girl had passed away so I spent the day very sad and praying for my friend and her husband and family. 

I had decided a few months back that for my birthday I would do something for my family and we would do it altogether in celebration of my birthday. The perfect family fun came up when Lisa told me Citysliders was coming to town and I eagerly bought tickets late last year. It turned out to be the best day on the 21st of Feb ( a week after my birthday) as the weather was super hot (around 30 degrees) which is hot for Tassie and the slide looked enormous and really long. It is a 325m temporary slide that goes around Australian cities setting up somewhere on a hilly street but that can't be too steep or else they may be some injuries with people going too fast and banging into each other.

We had booked for 2 sessions and in the first one, Sarra, Hallie and Oliver went down for an hour. There was a huge line but they seemed to get through it fairly quickly and once you got to the bottom you would run back up to the top and go down again.

In the middle was a flat spot where you would slow and most people would have to get up and walk a little on the slide before going on with their tube. It was so funny to watch as most people who stood in the flat spot to get a run-up for the next dip down the street would be falling over as it was quite slippery.

The second session we booked for was for little kids and parents to take them down so Simon and I took Jonty and Flynn but they didn't really need our help as they had a great time just taking off by themselves. This session was a lot slower as the little kids did not go nearly as fast as the adults. In the middle of the session, the water and power to the slide stopped so we had to stand in line for nearly half an hour waiting for it to come back on again. It was extremely hot standing in the sun with no water but Jonty and Flynn were eager to keep going so we waited it out and they gave us an extra half an hour to make up for lost time.

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