Wednesday, July 16, 2014

return.with.honour (New Zealand)

This afternoon at 5.10pm Elder Josh Triffitt returned from his mission in New Zealand. He left on the 4th of July 2012 and after two years is finally back home. He is the first of my nephews' to return. It was very exciting waiting for the plane to land.

We were all kind of hogging the arrival doors and once the plane landed, I couldn't hold back my tears seeing how excited my brother and sister-in-law were waiting for their son.

I love the accessory of the Krispy Kremes and look at the smile on Josh's face!!

And meeting Jacinta for the first time who came into the family while Josh was away. She was being all shy and cute hiding behind Kay.

These suitcases that followed him around for two years could tell many a story of the experiences Josh has had on his mission. I have loved reading his emails each week and will miss his sense of humour coming through them and dreaming about his Mum's cooking back home. 

He doesn't look any different  outwardly, but two years as a missionary, completely giving of oneself, completely giving oneself over to God, in a different land, changes a person and I could see that already. How wonderful is that.

I had to take a family pic. This is minus Allister who has been on his mission in Brazil for one year already and with the addition of Jacinta, Sarah's half sister who Josh had not met yet. These two beautiful girls that have been blessed to be a part of this family. I'm so glad Kay and Dion decided to be foster carers as I can't imagine this family being complete without them.

(thanks for the photo Tammy - yours looks better than mine)

This is the family back in 2012, at Josh's farewell.

 (minus Jonty who didn't want to be in the photo and Simon was at work)

And this is us with Josh back in 2012. Flynn is now Jonty's age in the photo.

A great photo of some of the Rowlings cousins with my sister-in-law Tammy. All the boys are growing up way to fast.

I love this photo that Tammy took of Josh. It just epitomises the beautiful mature young man that he has grown into. 

I don't know if I was more excited about seeing Josh come through the door of the airport or more excited about seeing how excited his Mum was to see him come through those doors. Already makes me teary thinking about my kids going on missions or leaving home or really just plain growing up! :)
Welcome home Josh!

(photo courtesy of Tammy R)

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love this post Simone ...what a wonderful family that Josh has ..extended family too of course...