Sunday, June 15, 2014

inter-school cross country

On the 5th of June, Hallie and Oliver attended the inter-school cross country which are all the schools from the Meander Valley and Northern Midlands areas, including Flinders Island. Basically all the same schools from the Northern Midlands running carnival, held at St Leonards.

It is from grades 3-6 and so this year was Oliver's first time, after finishing first in our school cross country. I think the first 3 place getters went onto the inter-school cross country.

This is Oliver's bestie, Noah coming around the gate onto the oval. They have been great friends since kinder and their personalities are so well suited. They don't stop talking when they are together which cracks me up. I love seeing the kids have good friends, ones that you know are just good kids and even if they wanted to be mean, just couldn't, because they are well…. just good kids.

Oliver came 11th out of his group of about 60 so he was really pleased with his first-time efforts, especially as he (or Hallie) doesn't run any other time and is not at all interested in Little Athletics.

Hallie was up after Oliver and just wanted to improve on last year's 5th placing.

At one stage she was coming 11th, the same as Oli's placing so I yelled out to her that she had to beat her brother. ;)

Hallie is only on the 10th percentile for her height in her age range but that hasn't stopped her from having great stamina and proving that more often that not you don't need long legs to be a fast runner.

It's a fair old distance of 1.7kms and Hallie did not stop once. I was egging her on to beat Oliver's place of 11th and she ended up coming 11th as well.

She did such a great job out on the boggy track at Cressy and I'm proud of her and Oli for getting in there and having a go and not giving up. And the bonus was, even though it was a cold day, it was not raining!! :)

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