Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jonty's 5th birthday

Jonty celebrates his birthday with Remembrance Day which I absolutely LOVE as I love history and in particular war history really resonates with me. Normally I do not let my emotions show much but on Anzac Day I can quite unabashedly let the tears flow as I stand on the sidelines as the "heroes" march past me on the street. 
It's quite something to think that men and women many years even before my own mother was born, fought with courage and determination to keep us free to raise our own families in peace, while they sacrificed any future family they might have had if they had lived.

So Jonty was born on the 11th of the 11th at 11.35am.

He was SO excited for his 5th birthday and couldn't wait to open his presents.

He is getting so big now, standing on tippy toes to butter his own toast, telling me he is big enough now not to stand on a chair. Here he is sporting his cool new birthday shorts from Nan.

Oma sent a present in the mail and Jonty had great fun opening it and loves book, asking me to read it on the spot.

Flynn was happy that he got a book too but was then confused for the rest of the day thinking it was his birthday instead. 

Jonty had asked me to make a swimming pool cake seeing as we were taking him to the aquatic centre after the other kids finished school.

We met up with the Wheelers and the Kings and Jonty was very excited saying, "Kobe is my best friend", all the way into the pool.

Jonty was excited opening his Cars truck from Kobe and some paints from the Wheelers.

While we were there, Lisa got a call from Jayme's girlfriend, Jenadene that she had got her mission call to the Temple Square mission in Salt Lake City, Utah. She will get home just three months before Jayme finishes his mission in Japan.

Jonty loved the novelty of having a party at the pool and having a cake right next to the pool. I don't think he will forget how much fun he had at his 5th birthday pool party.

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