Monday, November 25, 2013

Final FIG activities

This month we held our final last two Faith in God activities for the year. On the same day as the Westbury Show, we went fishing with Ben and Sam Ziesel at the Deloraine River. It had been raining SO much the day before with storms and minor flooding, that we were worried the morning would need to be cancelled.

But the sun peeked out and we started off along the beautiful track along the river.

Ben and Sam showed the kids how to put the bait on the rod and then how to cast off.

Hallie had a turn at casting off but none of the kids wanted a turn at putting the worms on the hook. :)

Hallie ended up snaring a nice trout which she gave to her friend Natasha who had slept over at our house for the Westbury Show.

Adam Rouse showed us how to gut the fish but I didn't get any photos as I was too busy going "yuk, yuk".

Yesterday for our final FIG activity of the year, Simon took the kids on a hike at the Porter's property. We walked for about 45 minutes up some very steep rocks and a hill but the climb was worth for the view at the top.

Simon showed the kids how to read a compass and they worked out where Devonport, Launceston and Hobart were. They made up a saying to remember the order of NSEW. Becky's was a classic, "never eat sheep wool".

On the way back, Simon told the kids to lead the way and see if they could remember the track up the hill.

We saw an awesome cliff face on the way down.

We finished off the hike with a luncheon at the chapel and cold rock for dessert to celebrate a great year of activities. And just in time too as the rain started pouring down again.

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